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sumers think about snacking without sacrificing what's
at the core of our brand - taste and nutrition."

One for every occasion

Ingredients such as whole
grains and real fruit answer the
increasing consumer demand for
healthier food options.
Kellogg Company

increased antioxidants and heart-friendly fiber, whole
grains and good fats to prevent aging or avoid chronic or
life-threatening illnesses. Bar producers, also savvy, are
tailoring products to these needs and more.
"At Clif Bar & Co., our food is crafted to deliver
great-tasting nutrition to help feed athletes and adventurers before, during and after activity," said
Alfred Torres III, public relations coordinator for the
Emeryville, CA-based company. "We listen to feedback
from our fans, athletes and nutritionists and use ingredients that meet consumer needs, including a variety of
tastes and textures."
When fueling for physical activities, consumers ages
18 to 34 choose snacks made with high protein and vitamins to boost energy. However, Mintel's research noted,
better-for-you claims and calorie-controlled packaging
appeal more to health-conscious women.
"When it comes to snacking, we know that women
are looking for light, yet satisfying, options that make a
positive contribution to their lifestyle without sacrificing
taste," said Jim Sell, senior marketing director, Kellogg
Wholesome Snacks, a division of the Kellogg Company,
Battle Creek, MI. "With that in mind, Special K developed new Chewy Snack Bars made with delicious
wholesome ingredients you can see, including rich chocolaty chunks, crunchy salted pretzels, real fruit pieces
and chewy rolled oats."
In addition, households with kids and higher incomes
are more likely to buy snack and nutrition bars. Kids
remain an important target market as parents choose
healthy snacks to fit active family lifestyles.
"KIND's breadth of products lets consumers feel good
about enjoying a snack that satisfies cravings and fits
into their busy day," said Josh Nafman, senior director
of brand and digital at KIND Snacks, New York. "We are
continually pushing ourselves to broaden the way con-

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In addition to added health benefits, the growing trend
toward increased snacking is a significant driver for the
bar industry, as Mintel indicated that nearly two-thirds
of consumers often eat snacks between meals.
"KIND is a convenient way to satiate hunger between
meals or while on the go," Mr. Nafman said. "We are not
positioned as a meal replacement bar, and the health
benefits our snacks deliver are meant to be part of a balanced diet that can help meet the nutritional and energy
needs of a variety of consumers."
Formal mealtimes continue to decline, and some
consumers are looking for quick, nutritious foods to replace traditional meal occasions, according to "Food &
Beverage Top 10 Trends for 2015" from Innova Market

Going pro(biotic)
Increased understanding about the connection between digestive health and
immunity now fuels demand for high
fiber and probiotics in functional foods,
according to "Boosting Immunity through
Digestion" from Packaged Facts. Probiotics
are being added to an increasing variety of
foods, including bars.
EFFi Foods' use of a non-dairy probiotic
not only provides the benefits of a probiotic, but it also considers the needs of
lactose-intolerant and vegan consumers.
"Using a non-dairy probiotic captures the
lactose-intolerant consumer without sacrificing any taste or nutritional benefits,
said Carina Ayden, EFFi Foods founder.
The probiotic food and beverage segment accounted for more than 84% of the
overall probiotics market in 2012, according to MarketsandMarkets, a global market
research and consulting company based in
Many consumers also seek foods that
address health concerns such as gluten
allergies or intolerance. Clif's LUNA Bar
recently made all bars gluten-free. "Now,
whether consumers are gluten-intolerant,
have celiac disease or choose not to eat
gluten for other health reasons, we have
several products in the Clif portfolio to
meet their needs, said Alfred Torres III,
public relations coordinator.

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