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Weighing in on seamless production
Giving new meaning to the term "vertically integrated," today's vertical f/f/s machines are increasingly paired with or integrated into other systems
that ultimately help boost speed and enhance
efficiency for a greater amount and variety of baked
and snack food products.
TNA recently worked with Florida-based ARA
Food Corp., which produces a range of snacks
and chips, to help increase its capacity and reduce
overhead with a third packaging system. The new
line included TNA's high-performance Robag FX
3ci vertical f/f/s system paired with the company's
Intelli-weigh 0314 omega multi-head weigher, metal
detector, Intelli-date date coder and labeler. The system handles bag sizes ranging from 2 to 16 oz net
weight and works with various polypropylene BOPP
bag film finishes required for each product brand.
Mark Lozano, sales manager, North America,
for TNA North America, said innovations in vertical f/f/s machines, weighers and scales make such
integrated systems more effective - and utilized.

"There have been increases in scale technologies
and improvements in metal detectors. We're looking
for the whole geometry to become seamless and
integrated," he explained.
At Heat & Control, Brian Barr, sales manager
for packaging systems, also observed that food
manufacturers are looking for more one-stop (or at
least fewer-stop) solutions. "With the Ishida Total
Packaging System, the bagmaker, weigher and
other Ishida equipment, such as a seal checker and
checkweigher, can be networked together into a
single high-speed system," he said, noting that all
equipment can be operated from a single control
screen to simplify settings and preset operations.
On the weigher side, Heat & Control's Ishida
18-head double weigher combines two high-speed
multi-head weighers on a single space-saving
frame, providing more direct discharge of product
from each scale into each bagmaker to achieve
speeds up to 280 bags a minute, depending on
product and bag size.

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