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Twisting done automatically
Fritsch USA offers the Multitwist system, a multifunctional twisting program that allows fully automatic
production of single-cord plaited products. All five steps
required for the process are carried out mechanically,
from cord production to the twisting of the single-cord
plaited product and the depositing onto proofing trays.
"It is a decisive step - away from simple twisting,
which is sufficient for rings and pretzels - to multiple
overlapping plaiting and forming of knots, which
could only be done by hand until now," said Matt
Zielsdorf, president, Fritsch USA. "Thus, fully automated
production of the plaited products like pretzels and knot-shaped bread rolls is now also possible."
The Multitwist is available with up to 100 tools, which are monitored by RFID modules to ensure correct
operations and process safety. A tool exchange can take place within three minutes without the use of special
tools, which leads to flexibility and efficiency, according to Mr. Zielsdorf.
"On one hand, the capacity of the plaiting installation can be extended by up to eight modules due to parallel
connection," he explained. "On the other hand, pretzels, rings, sticks or flat products and those with a flaky
topping can also be produced."
Pretzels are the most common product for the Multitwist, and the line can reach a capacity of 2,000 pieces per
hour. With a certain degree of automation, the machine can be operated by one person, which reduces cost and
increases process safety.
The Multitwist complies with the latest requirements of hygienic design and is easily accessible and simple to clean.
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System consultations

Robotic case loading

A healthy system is key to the
long-term success of production
processes. Shick Solutions
provides system consultations
with recommendations on how
to enhance and update a system's
technology and maximize overall
system and component efficiency.
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AMF Bakery Systems offers
patented robotic technologies
for basket/case loading that
help plants maximize flexibility, speed and precision. Its
robotic solutions feature highresolution programmable endof-arm tools, basket and case
flexibility, auto-adjusting product guides and backpressure-managed indexing pick conveyors.
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Single-belt conveying
Intermediate Drive (i-Drive)
technology from Capway
Systems engages the belt in
the carryway and returnway.
With i-Drive technology, bakers can combine multiple turns,
inclines and straight runs on
one continuous conveyor belt
capable of running for long
distances without transfers. The
i-Drive blocks are designed for
use with Intralox modular plastic conveyor belts.
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Center-filled cake production
The center-filled cake line from Franz-Haas
offers a wide range of possibilities. With a
final product weight of up to 45 g and filling weights up to 20% of the final product
weight, products can be positioned not only
in the confection area but also in the food
segment. The line is the first with an output of
20,000 pieces per hour. It features an automatic
closing of batter and filling and an automatically controlled
energy-efficient heating system.
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