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Supercritical fluid snack method

Snack food shape

Light, porous, crispy textured foods are made with this supercritical fluid extrusion method. When applied to fruit and vegetable
compositions, this method retains the heat-sensitive nutrients
otherwise lost during conventional extrusion, frying or drying
processes. It also provides them with novel shapes and textures.
The result is a healthy, nutritious snack.

A design for a snack food product is
described by this patent.

US Patent No. 8,986,774 (March 24, 2015), G. Ganjyal, assigned
to Frito-Lay North America, Inc., Plano, TX.

US Design Patent No.
D725,867 (April 7, 2015),
J.M. Mathew et al., assigned to Frito-Lay North
America, Inc., Plano, TX.

Avenanthramide-rich oat flour
Preparation of a highly dispersible whole grain oat flour is done
by hydrolyzing, milling and agglomerating the flour to achieve
increased avenanthramide content compared with native oat
flour. In this form, the oat flour will disperse in solutions without
clumping. Avenantramides are antioxidants that are uniquely
found in oats. They demonstrate potent anti-inflammatory
and anti-atherosclerotic properties. They may be beneficial to
people with chronic inflammatory diseases, allergies and cardiovascular disease.

Improved sandwich cookie makeup
This invention improves methods for assembling sandwich
cookies. A suction belt conveyor - rather than the usual assembly of indexing fingers on an endless chain - carries basecakes under cylindrical coating heads that apply cookie fillings.
Inspection devices monitor the passing cookies and reject those
not correctly positioned, formed or coated. This machine accommodates two- and three-basecake sandwich cookies.
US Patent No. 9,010,239 (April 21, 2015), J. Haas et al., assigned
to Franz Haas Waffel- und Keksanlagen-Industrie GmbH,
Vienna, Austria.

US Patent No. 9,011,947 (April 21, 2015), G. Carder et al., assigned to The Quaker Oats Co., Chicago.

Buns with hollow cavities
Buns are formed during baking in
order to have multiple shallow interior cavities.
US Design Patent No.
D727,591 (April 28,
2015), B.B. Elliott,
Fishers, IN.

Dough ring former

Baked foods box
A new design for a box to
contain baked foods is
US Design Patent
No. D727,732 (April 28,
2015), J.C. Petty, assigned to
Indiana Carton Co., Bremen, IN.

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This machine shapes dough
balls into dough rings by using multiple forming inserts.
Each insert uses a punch
beam to stamp out the center
of the dough piece by moving down through the dough
and pressing against the conveyor belt below. The design
facilitates changeovers and can be integrated by computer with
other processing stations.
US Patent No. 9,017,058 (April 28, 2015), J. Lazis and T.
Hagenhoff, assigned to Neuenkirchener Maschinenfabrik Emil
Kemper GmbH, Rietberg, Germany.

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