Baking & Snack - September 2015 - 23

Construction Report



Construction projects are
helping bakeries become
more efficient and more
productive in different ways.

by Staff

During the past several years, the baking and snack
food industries have bolstered themselves to an outlook
of cautious optimism. Things have been moving along
nicely since the recession years of the late 2000s, but it's
never a bad idea to take things one step at a time.
That theme can be seen in construction numbers
across the industry. Look at the latest Economic Census,
and find that while the number of employees across the
board has gone down, the number of facilities in the industry is either holding steady or slightly increasing. At
the same time, production and capital expenditures are
both on the rise. As covered in the March issue of Baking
& Snack, commercial bakeries are doing more with less.
That means companies are finding a way to be more
efficient in their production, reach, and construction
and expansion. Baking & Snack has told the stories of
several plants and their recent projects this year. This
report looks back at some of their challenges, goals and
decision-making processes.

Growing presence
Flowers Foods, Thomasville, GA, has been a major
player in the construction game during the past year,
thanks mainly to some repurposing of existing facilities.
The major piece of the company's conquests is a
high-tech, high-volume line in Oxford, PA. Flowers
had a gap in production coverage for its Northeast region, and the answer was spending $31 million to expand and equip an existing bakery an hour southwest
of Philadelphia in Oxford. The facility already contained a sweet goods operation; Flowers took it over in
an acquisition of Tasty Baking Co. in 2011 and began
steadily building a regional presence of Nature's Own,
Flowers' signature bread line.
The company first added 90,000 sq ft to the existing
building to create a total of 262,000 sq ft on 42 acres.
They later ran into trouble in the form of municipal
Above: Flexibility was key in Turano Baking's construction project in Orlando, FL. / September 2015 Baking & Snack 23

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