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Cheryl's keeps things running
The staff at Cheryl's takes sanitation and maintenance very
seriously. They see their products as a promise to their customers, a promise to deliver great taste and beautiful gifts produced with attention to food safety and quality. To keep up that
promise, the company enlists a team of seven sanitors to clean
the plant and its equipment every night as a third shift after the
baking has been done. Sanitation isn't isolated to just the third
shift, though. Two sanitation employees also are on the plant
floor during each production shift.
"There is also clean-up time throughout the day, between
each break," said David Adell, director of operations. The company preaches a culture of cleanliness with reminders on the
walls that "Downtime is cleaning time."
Care of the machines goes beyond keeping them clean but
also keeping them running. Cheryl's prides itself on how well
and for how long some of their equipment has been working
and credits thorough maintenance checks. Each one of the operators runs through a pre-check list three times a day: once
at the start, once at lunch and once at the end of the day. The
operators ensure the machine is running soundly. In addition
to this daily maintenance check, two employees do preventative maintenance, such as keeping bearings greased and
chains lubricated, on each machine. And every year, during
mid-year and end-of-year inventories, the bakery shuts down
for a week, and certain pieces of equipment are chosen to be
torn down and rebuilt with as many new parts as possible.
"I think that's why we've had such good luck with our equipment," Mr. Adell said. "We have one mixer we bought used 22
years ago, and it's still working great."

supplier, it would shop around. "Packaging had become
a pinch point for us," Ms. Allwein said. "We were at capacity. We couldn't package fast enough to keep up with
production, and packaging is very important because
the seal affects every product."
The equipment purchasing committee discovered
Formost Fuji. This committee, made up of representatives from product development, operations, maintenance and sanitation, makes all of Cheryl's equipment
recommendations. Having representatives from the
bakery's departments enables it to consider the equipment as a whole. When shopping for a new horizontal wrapper, each representative was impressed with
Formost Fuji's machine, according to Mr. Adell. Product
development loved the heat seal for product freshness.
Maintenance and sanitation appreciated its accessible
and sanitary design. And operations liked how easy and
fast the equipment could handle changeovers.
Once cookies are individually packaged, they are
packed in boxes by operators, then trucked to the distribution center where they will be frozen in anticipation
of becoming a part of a gift box.
Packaging doesn't stop there, however. A vertical
packaging machine looms over the horizontal wrappers
to bag crunchy cookies. This required a new packaging
strategy, and the company invested in a vertical packaging machine about 10 years ago. This new product has
taken off and the vertical packager expanded from the
initial two-bucket scale to 14 four years ago. Cookies are
removed from pans and fed into the packager's hopper
by hand. The machine scales the cookies and bags them.



AMF Bakery Systems introduces a complete line of Sigma Arm Mixers for the mixing
of cookies, crackers, buttermilk biscuits, pie doughs and a variety of other specialty
snacks. The sanitary frame design provides easy access maintenance combined with
an innovative direct tilt system for improved safety and more efficient maintenance.

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