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With its new line of ready-to-decorate cakes, Dawn Foods hopes
to help in-store bakeries and decorators with creativity and profit.


The Waterfall Cake comes More and more consumers now show a desire for luxuwith a step-by-step decorat- rious tastes and indulgence. Dawn Food Products, Inc.,
ing guide to help spur ideas. Jackson, MI, took note. The company is introducing the
Dawn Food Products, Inc.
Waterfall Cake, a line of ready-to-decorate frozen cakes
that appeal to those consumer wishes.
"The Waterfall Cake is designed to help in-store bakeries and decorators reach shoppers who crave a little
taste of luxury that doesn't take a big bite out of their
budget," said Erik Enyedy, director of marketing for
Dawn. "This is especially relevant with dessert cakes and
the role they play in consumers' lives."
The cakes feature two layers of moist, rich cake topped
with a decadent truffle waterfall. They come in chocolate
(with chocolate liqueur and ground chocolate, iced with
chocolate buttercream) and vanilla (with butter vanilla
custard and bourbon vanilla, iced with vanilla bean buttercream frosting).
"These flavors lend themselves to more creativity and
customization from the decorator," Mr. Enyedy said.
"For example, familiar favorites like chocolate and vanilla can easily be customized with frostings, fruit, flowers
and other elegant toppings."
Both flavors are 7 in., and a four-cake case weighs in at
approximately 9 lb. Two main features of the cake - its
ingredients and its design - help make it an attractive
product for in-store bakeries. For starters, Dawn said it
uses high-end ingredients to meet consumers' demands
for quality desserts.
"It's made with premium ingredients to ensure an exquisite taste experience, and its refined style is sure to
capture consumers' attention," Mr. Enyedy said.
Secondly, the cake's simple design acts as a canvas on

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which decorators can customize and create offerings as
basic or lavish as the consumer desires. "This creative
freedom also gives decorators greater control of pricing
and profit margins," Mr. Enyedy said.
To help maximize the Waterfall Cake's potential, instore bakery operators and decorators receive a complimentary decorating guide with step-by-step directions on crafting sophisticated cake designs, ranging
from Macaroon Splendor to Berry Wonderful to The
Chocolatto. Also included is special packaging with a
large, domed lid to protect the custom decorations.
"The combination of premium ingredients and a decorator's creativity results in a confection that is sure to
delight consumers and help them celebrate life's sweet
moments," Mr. Enyedy said.
The cake debuted at the 2015 International Dairy Deli
Bakery Association show and launched nationally in late
summer. Dawn supports the product's introduction by
providing information behind the innovation along with
comprehensive merchandising ideas.
"This support makes it easy for our customers to envision how these cakes can help drive sales and keep their
shoppers coming back again and again," Mr. Enyedy said.
Mr. Enyedy added that the company hopes the product will boost sales for in-store bakeries. More information can be found at
"Our expectation is that the Waterfall Cake provides
a solution to our customers and helps create an environment that brings in new shoppers and keeps current
shoppers coming back," he said. "These elegant cakes are
perfect for creating something special."
- Ryan Atkinson

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