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Bagging at Its
Consumers and foodservice operators want a lot of
bang for their buck, and bigger baggers can help
bakers and snack producers deliver.
by Lynn Petrak
It's a big deal when today's consumers and foodservice
operators make their purchase decisions - literally.
An increased desire for value and convenience is spurring interest in both bulk and larger-size packaging for
a variety of products. In turn, that demand leads to the
use of bigger bags for items like cereal, snack foods and
some baked goods.
Club stores are one outlet for consumers' big appetites.
According to findings from the Chicago market research
firm Mintel, 40% of consumers who shop at warehouse
clubs say those stores carry quality products. Latinos, a
growing buying group in the US, are also inclined to go
big and go home when it comes to shopping. According
to a recent study from GeoScape, Miami, Hispanic consumers rank, in order, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and
Sam's Club as their preferred retail outlets to buy groceries and household items. Latino shoppers prefer familyand club-size packaging both at club stores and grocery
stores, according to that study.


Beyond club stores, there has been some upsizing on
traditional grocery store shelves, too. Although singleserve products are in demand, many food manufacturers offer family-size and larger packaging for items
ranging from potato chips to cookies to accommodate
growing households and interest in value. At the same
time, there has been a push from major retailers like
Wal-Mart to become more environmentally sustainable
and thereby reduce secondary packaging, also impacting
the demand for larger bags.
The result from such trends in the retail marketplace,
along with needs and demands from foodservice operators who often buy in bulk to maximize savings and
enhance efficiency, has led manufacturers to add bigger
bags and machines that can handle them.
Nicholas Taraborelli, vice-president of sales and
marketing for WeighPack Systems, Inc., Montreal, has
seen these evolving and diverse preferences. "Demand
is ever-increasing for club-size packages because many

The latest baggers can
quickly and easily change from
horizontal to vertical secondary
packaging and integrate with
vertical form/fill/seal and horizontal form/fill/seal machines.
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