Baking & Snack - October 2015 - 97


Precise heat distribution
The Spectrum Oven from Reading Bakery Systems can be used
to bake a variety of snack products. The oven is constructed and
controlled as separate heating zones, which allow precise control of
product quality. Operators can monitor and modify the way heat is
distributed to the product.
Baking chamber zones are offered with radiation, convection and
conduction heat transfer options that enable specific, and repeatable,
product characteristics.
"Reading has been at the forefront of oven technology and continues
to innovate and lead the industry with a full line of baking platforms to
meet the needs of any process," said Vince Pasquini, pretzel and snack technical sales engineer.
Each zone is available with a number of options to permit the precise combination of heat. As a result, the qualityconscious baker has repeatable control of time, temperature, humidity and type of heat transfer. A dryer module may
be combined with the oven module to create a space-efficient two-pass baking chamber. The two heat transfer zones
are independently controlled and monitored. The zones allow the final moisture of the product to be removed in a
manner best suited to the characteristics of the product and not the limitations of the available plant space.
"Both oven and dryer zones are independently controlled and can be monitored and adjusted via the Human
Machine Interface," Mr. Pasquini said. "The dryer zone can be located below the oven zone running in the opposite
direction, thus significantly reducing the floor space required."
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Low-cost, reliable closures

Low-stress sheeting

The Smart Servo Twist Tyer
from Burford Corp. delivers a consumer-preferred
closure at a low cost per
package. Critical components have been designed
to last, making the Smart
Servo run for years with
less maintenance. It features brushless servo motors, a holder/shear actuator that reduces
adjustments and wear, and sealed encoders. Its modular design
allows easy replacement of critical components. A bag thickness of
1.25 mil is suggested for optimal performance.
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The Double-Chunker
Sheeting System (DSS) from
Rademaker eliminates stress
during the sheeting process. The dough structure
- which is created during
mixing, kneading and preproofing - remains intact and undamaged, which leads to highquality products. The DSS is suitable for processing a wide range
of dough types at industrial scale. Production efficiencies and
product yields can be increased, along with improved product
weight accuracy.
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Single-pass profiling
Handling liquid ingredients
Shick Solutions offers bulk liquid
storage and delivery systems for
handling liquid ingredients. Its tanks
come in a range of materials, sizes
and options to fit manufacturers'
bulk storage needs. The company
can fully integrate liquid receiving
and distribution systems.
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The Reading Thermal R&D Smart
Sensor is a multi-element sensor
that enables the collection of
four key baking parameters in
a single pass. The user gathers a
complete set of profiles characterizing
environment temperature, product core
temperature, airflow and energy transfer.
The sensor is 10 in. wide and requires just 2 in.
of headroom.
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