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Clean-label starches extend cold shelf life
Developed for use in refrigerated, frozen and instant foods, two new functional native starches from Ingredion deliver excellent process tolerance and instant viscosity. These clean-label native starches, Novation Prima 340 and 350, provide high stability under coldtemperature storage including freeze/thaw cycling.
"We continue to experience an increased demand for fresher, simpler foods in the grocer's refrigerator case," said Marco Villone,
vice-president of marketing, North America. "By replacing modified food starches with Novation Prima 340 and 350, food developers
now have the ability to meet consumer demand for products that keep their texture in the refrigerator or freezer, with a fresh appeal
and clean label."
The two new functional starches offer enhanced dispersion benefits for faster production in a range of applications. They have high
stability to heat, acid and shear during processing, plus a clean flavor profile and smooth texture. They deliver the same shelf-life stability and functionality as traditional modified starches or other stabilizers but with a simple, consumer-friendly starch label. They join a
line of 15 Novation clean-label starches available in North America.
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Organic agave inulin
Frutafit OAI from Sensus America is certified USDA Organic. Sourced from
agave, this organic inulin can be used to increase fiber in a variety of organic foods
without affecting taste or texture. It also cuts calories in many applications, even
functioning as a sugar or fat replacer. Clinical research has demonstrated its effectiveness as a prebiotic fiber, allowing possible claims related to digestive health.
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Latin American seasonings
Fuchs North America introduces its Latin Action Collection of seasonings, bases
and flavors that celebrate the rich diversity of Latin culinary traditions that stretch
all the way from the Iberian Peninsula to South America and beyond. For example, the Elote Street Corn Snack Seasoning combines the flavors of roasted corn
with creamy cheese, robust chilies and zesty lime to jazz up snack foods. The line
also includes Spicy Guacamole Snack Seasoning and Tomatillo Seasoning Blend.
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