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High-speed cutting, dividing
Available in conjunction with Handtmann's VF 600 Bakery Series, the SE 442 cutting system divides dough with a pneumatically operated blade at as high as 200 portions per min depending on scaling weight and dough consistency. It provides efficient dough portioning with accurate weights at all speeds and with all dough densities.
"It makes a very good option for a flexible system for operations at 200 ppm or less that also require efficient product changes with
very high levels of portioning accuracy and operational reliability," said Cesar Zelaya, bakery technology manager for Handtmann.
The high dividing capacity of the SE 442 makes it a good option for pizza production, and is also suitable for producers who want to
divide or portion a large range of products with high volume requirements via a multifunctional cutting unit. The SE 442 boosts productivity by allowing quick changeovers when a baker is managing multiple products on the same line.
"The system is so simple and reliable - a real work horse that maintains accuracy, is easy on parts and is simple to work with because it's been hygienically designed for fast, thorough changeovers and easy operation," Mr. Zelaya said.
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Gentle pan handling
The PALSUS Pan and Lid Stacker-Unstacker from AMF Bakery Systems contains 70% fewer moving parts than conventional magnetic units, significantly
reducing maintenance. Handling multiple pans or lids at one time, a "soft
touch" end-of-arm tool creates smooth, multi-servo movements for quieter,
gentler pan handling.
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Streamlined doughnut production
Fritsch USA donut lines use a sheet of dough, making them flexible with regard
to shape, size and weight of product. Production starts with a continuous mixer
with scrap dough infeed, then moves to the portioner. The dough is then laminated and holes are punched. Finally, donuts are spread crosswise for proofing.
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