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Extended shelf life doughs
Baked foods such as cinnamon rolls can be made from this dough, which has a
shelf life of up to 28 days or greater. Finished baked goods go stale through starch
retrogradation, but doughs made with this patented process can be held to be
baked fresh at the end user's convenience. The invention explores a number of
shelf-life extending agents including encapsulated L-cysteine, monoglycerides,
laminated fats, starch hydrolysates and hydrocolloids.
US Patent No. 9,241,495 (Jan. 26, 2016), S. Roy et al., assigned to General Mills,

Making spiral-shaped foods
The patented shaping assembly produces curled products via a die with at least
one aperture. A shaping tool simultaneously slices and spins the emerging extrudate into a spiral-shaped stream of puffed food. A crimping apparatus cuts the
stream into separate pieces.
US Patent No. 9,247,752 (Feb. 2, 2016), N. Gimmler et al., assigned to Kellogg
Company, Battle Creek, MI.

Baking a hollow product
A hollow baked product such as an ice cream cone is made by drawing a flatbaked wafer cake body into a deep mould. The wafer contains a temperature-dependent plasticizer such as sugar or erythritol. A punch descends to draw the wafer cake into the mould in such a way that the grid marks from the original bake
are maintained. In addition to round shapes, this method can use rectangular-,
oval-, star- or polygon-shaped flat wafer cakes.
US Patent No. 9,259,008 (Feb. 16, 2013), J. Haas et al., assigned to Haas Food
Equipment GmbH, Vienna, Austria.

Shaped pita chip
This design patent covers a scoop-shaped pita chip.
US Design Patent No. D749,291 (Feb. 16, 2016), G. Toufayan, Upper Saddle River, NJ.

Lipolytic enzymes for bread
A combination of two lypolytic enzymes synergistically improves loaf volume and shape retention during baking of bread. The enzymes
are selected from a group consisting of galactolipase, phospholipase and triacylglycerol lipase. Each lipase has a narrow specificity for
one of three substrates and little or no activity for the other two. But they work together to improve loaf volume, firmness and crumb
uniformity. An anti-staling amylase may be added.
US Patent No. 9,247,753 (Feb. 2, 2016), G. Budolfsen et al., assigned to Novozymes A/S, Bagsvaerd, Denmark.

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