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Going green, staying cool
Sustaining the planet is one of the five bottom lines, or
aspirations, at Clif Bar & Company. These five, which also
include people, business, brands and community, are the
tangible metrics by which Clif Bar measures its success.
One way the company sustains the planet is by helping employees minimize their footprint on it. "We try to
avoid that single person riding in a vehicle from Point
A to Point B and encourage employees to carpool, ride a
bike or take public transit," said Alfred Torres, communications coordinator. To support this, Clif Bar created the Cool
Commute Program, which rewards people for carpooling or
taking alternate transportation.
At both the Emeryville, CA, home office and at the Clif
Bar Baking Company of Twin Falls, employees can accrue
points for carpooling, walking and biking to work. These
points can be exchanged for dollars on their paycheck,
Clif Bar gear or wellness benefits.
The program is still being built at the Twin Falls bakery,
but workers are already on board with finding "cool"
ways to commute. "I try to bike to work as often as I can,"
said Dale Ducommun, general manager. "We've got a
group in our neighborhood. There are five of us, who will
sometimes bike to work together."
To support its people who support the planet, Clif
Bar will subsidize $500 toward the purchase of a commuter bike. It will also reimburse employees $6,500 for
the purchase of a high-mileage hybrid, low-emission or
biodiesel vehicle.

ingredients and packaging materials - with ample space
to hold seven days of inventory for three production lines
operating at peak overall equipment effectiveness.
Likewise, organic syrups - an ingredient in CLIF
BARs - are delivered in bulk and stored in Shick
Solutions tanks with room to add more as the third production line goes live. The CIP-capable tanks sit on load
cells that constantly monitor syrup delivery and usage
through the plant's Manufacturing Execution Software
(MES) and ERP systems.
Shick's batch management and lot tracking systems provide ±0.1% metering accuracy, according to Mr. Sloan. A
mezzanine outside of the room allows bakery employees to
safely inspect and test the syrups prior to accepting delivery into the tank farm. "Clif Bar required a hygienic, dairygrade storage and automated batching system for liquids,
and Shick Solutions delivered," Mr. Berger noted.
Flavorings are stored in a separate room for safety reasons, and Clif Bar makes all of its chocolate using a Sollich
system in another enclosed room just aside production and
bar forming.
About 80% of the primary dry ingredients, such as
organic oats, are dispensed from a Shick bulk handling system with ±0.1% accuracy. The other 20% of minor ingredients, such as chocolate chips and other inclusions that allow the plant to make different product varieties, are scaled
using a semi-automated system in another separate room.
Overall, just under 77% of Clif Bar & Company's ingredients are certified organic or sustainable. Mr. Berger added
that The Henry Group and Quality Electric provided exceptional installation services, platforms and mezzanines.

Heavy lifting with a
light touch.
PALSUS is the innovative, automated pan and lid stacking/unstacking
system from AMF that combines speed, reliability and gentle pan handling
in one efficient and easy-to-maintain machine.

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