Baking & Snack - August 2016 - 83


Spraying, Seeding


At the end of the day, what goes
on a product is just as important as
what's in it, and how it gets there
is cause for consideration.
by Joanie Spencer


For years, bakers, chefs and food marketers of every variety have said the same thing: People eat with their eyes.
Whether it's a sheen, a perfect split or a baked product
seeded with all kinds of healthy goodness, consumers
put a lot of stock in what's on top of a product.
"Consumers love eye appeal," said Bo Maurer, vicepresident, sales and marketing, Wheat Montana, Three
Forks, MT. "People love to see all the grain and the
seeds." Sunflower seeds, chia, flaxseed or even a good,
old fashioned egg wash and even water are just a few
ways to get that visual aspect of baked foods and snacks.
With the rise in popularity of visible seeds and
grains, baking companies like Dave's Killer Bread,
Milwaukie, OR, and Wheat Montana are now enrobing their breads. "Enrobing is pretty hot in the market
right now," said Mitch Lindsey, technical sales, Burford

Corp. "We've taken that concept and built a new machine with that capability."
WP Bakery Group USA has also seen an uptick in
requests for this technology. "Fully enrobed loaves are a
hot trend," said Patricia Kennedy, president, noting that
the company's engineers have also developed enrobing
No matter what's going on top - or all around -
these products all have a few things in common. They
have to be precise, they have to look good - and taste
good, too - and the equipment used for them has to be
food safe and safe to use.

The 'what' factor
Whether spraying or seeding, an important question every supplier will ask starts with the word "what" - as in,
"What ingredients are you topping with?"
Not all toppings are the same, and they aren't dispensed the same: Flour is different from salt, and salt
is different from seeds. Bakers must consider first what
they're applying, and then how they want it applied and
what level of accuracy they're looking for.
"Our dry material machines can do different things
When spraying certain ingredients such as synthetic egg, storage and
sanitation must be carefully considered.
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