Baking&Snack - November 2016 - 111

Durable open-frame mixers
Topos Mondial offers a Single Sigma Open Frame Sanitary Designed Horizontal
Mixer (SSOFHM). These 110° overtilt mixers are offered in sizes ranging from
600 to 3,000 lb. The reinforced mixing bowl, bowl canopy, main shaft and single
sigma agitator are crafted from solid stainless steel for ease of sanitation and
increased durability.
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Energy-saving pans
American Pan, a Bundy Baking Solution's newly developed features for trays
used with Auto-Bake systems allow nesting and enhance energy efficiency, sanitation and post-wash draining. The new ePan tray can reduce weight by up to
45% over traditional tray constructions, providing significant energy savings,
according to the company.
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Dual-lane bagging
AMF Bakery Systems' Servo Dual-Lane Variety Bagger delivers efficient bagging for buns, rolls and English muffins while ensuring maximum product control. The patent-pending speed indexer creates precision product alignments
for more than 50 packages per min. Featuring 50% slower critical component
movements, this system ensures higher throughput capabilities with improved
product delivery.
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Sanitary depanning
The Provident Series Depanner from Capway Automation addresses increased
cleanliness standards without sacrificing operational performance. Designed
specifically for ease of sanitation and accessibility, it features USDA-approved
castors, stainless-steel actuators, FDA washdown-certified bushings and a rollout
blower module.
(877) 222-7929 *

Turnkey sheeted bread lines
Sheeted bread lines from Tromp Group are full turnkey solutions for bread production. Available in sandwich thin, flatbread, artisan, knäckebröd, ciabata and
baguette concepts, Tromp Group can design a line that meets a bakery's specific
space and production needs.
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