Baking&Snack - November 2016 - 113

Wafer sandwich block former
This machine produces multi-layered wafer blocks filled with spreadable
cremes. After being coated with filling, the base wafer moves into the stacking
area. The next coated sheet moves into place on a second conveyor and is laid
flat on the base sheet. More sheets are sequentially added. The improvement
offered by this invention is that it all happens continuously to keep up with the
speeds of modern wafer baking ovens, which can reach 80 sheets per minute.
US Patent No. 9,370,192 (June 21, 2016), J. Haas et al., assigned to Haas Food
Equipment GmbH, Vienna, Austria.

Convection-heated conveyor oven
Fans placed in upper and lower locations within this conveyor-based track
oven circulate heat within the baking chamber. The amount of heated air is
controlled according to the type of product being baked. The oven contains
burners that provide heat, and the air transporter comprises two or more fans
and appropriate ducting. The oven can be designed so that a portion of the air
flow travels through the ducting to be directed through openings along the
conveyor's path.
US Patent No. 9,375,016 (June 28, 2016), R.W. Middleton Jr., assigned to
Stewart Systems, Plano, TX.

Shaped snack food products
These four design patents describe shapes of snack food pieces.
US Design Patent Nos. D760,467, D760,468, D760,469 and D760,470 (July 7,
2016), E. Michel, assigned to Frito-Lay North America, Inc., Plano, TX.

Naan chips
The design for naan chips is covered by this design patent.
US Design Patent No. D760,991 (July 12, 2016), O. Ajmera and T. Ajmera,
assigned to FGF Brands, Inc., Concord, ON.

Vacuum-assisted pressing plate
This invention covers improvements to a food press for making tortillas that
moves up and down to press dough balls on a conveyor. Specifically, the pressing plate is coupled to the upper platen by vacuum or electromagnetic means
instead of being mechanically clamped in place and adjusted with shims. The
new method speeds placement of shims and allows easy removal of the pressing surface, improved heat transfer and close and uniform contact between
the plates and shims.
US Patent No. 9,386,775 (July 12, 2016), E. Lawrence, assigned to Lawrence
Equipment, South El Monte, CA. / November 2016 Baking & Snack 113

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