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Many snack and confectionary companies are jumping on the popular sweetand-salty product trend.
DeMet's Candy Co.

part of the broader meal occasion. While gaining in
popularity, the chocolate-covered pretzels segment
is challenged by a lack of awareness among consum-


ers. "Many brands are working to drive awareness and
trial in the overall chocolate-covered snacks category
via 360 media campaigns," Ms. Foray said. "One of
the largest trends impacting overall snacking among
other food segments is the better-for-you movement.
Manufacturers are developing new products, enhancing packaging communications and evolving marketing programs to increase the relevance of their brands
within this trend."
Utz, for instance, recently refreshed its packaging
to make it more contemporary and drive excitement
and clarity around its product lines. "When you stand
back from a shelf, our company now makes it easier
to understand what varieties we have out there," Mr.
Brick said. "We have a full line of pretzels, and we really want to show the line off well."
Single-serve packs not only provide channelspecific sales, such as in c-stores, but also cater to
grab-and-go sales.
"People are guided toward innovation in packaging," Mr. Green explained. "Resealable and smallportion packages are increasing. Small portions have
been strong for years, and we don't see it stopping
anytime soon. People want one portion or two servings of snacks instead of simply snacking on a 32-oz
bag. Still, those family-sized bags aren't going away."
In the pretzel category, a little imagination can create a work of art while a stroke of genius can result
in a masterpiece. As Mr. Green pointed out, "Any innovation you can come up with is going to take off in
the long run."


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