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fashion. Further, almost two-thirds (61%) of them are
positively influenced by a company that supports a cause
in which they believe.
"Sustainability is not a trend; it is becoming a cultural shift," said Steve French, managing partner at NMI.
"Consumers are increasingly looking beyond the product and service and showing strong interest in companies' sustainable initiatives. Almost all products and
services going forward will need to consider consumer
motivations regarding eco-friendliness.
"The return on investment of sustainability also has
an economic component both in financial savings for
the company and increased brand value, increased sales
and reduced risk," Mr. French continued. "Globalization
will drive the need for more alignment of fair labor practices, ecosystem protection, sustainable farming, energy
resourcefulness and many other practices."
Cocoa beans, and the chocolate ingredients made
Pops of color and innovative chocolate flavors and compound coatings can
draw the consumer's eye and taste buds.
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