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New routes to old destinations
As demand for natural flavors and colors continues, ingredient suppliers are getting creative with sourcing to meet
needs and overcome the challenges natural flavors and
colors present.
"Many companies have their research chemists looking for pathways to develop and isolate chemicals naturally that were only available artificially in the past," said
Phil Houillion, senior flavor chemist, Mother Murphy's
Laboratories. For example, different methods of extracting botanicals can provide different fractional profiles, and
with that comes new applications for an established flavor
One of the most exciting chemical isolates to come into
the market, Mr. Houillion said, is 2-acetyl pyrazine, natural.
Previously this isolate only came in artificial form but now
is available naturally. It delivers a flavor profile similar to
nachos, corn chips and popcorn. It's present naturally in
roasted almonds, bread, nuts, sesame and cheddar cheese.

R&D director, Kerry. This issue can be
due to a lack of stability in the ingredients as they go through formulating
and processing of the final product.
"Colors such as green and blue are
more challenging to create as a natural
color and more affected by pH changes in the products in which they are
used," she continued.
Natural flavors also pack less of a
punch to the taste buds than artificial
ones; however, this is less of an issue
with snack foods, as Donnie Moran,
national sales manager, flavors,
Prinova USA, has found. "Wholesome
snacks are less taste-sensitive than
sweeter, more decadent products," he
said. "In wholesome snacks like lightsalt potato chips with light salt or vegetable shoestrings, consumers expect
the taste to be subdued, allowing more

Baked Goods
Introducing an innovative ingredient that is taking
the world by storm-dried plums by Sunsweet®.
Our delicious, all natural dried plums not only
add taste and texture to baked goods, they
reduce fat content and add fiber, making them
ideal for healthier baking. They provide moisture
retention that works wonders on hearty grains
and other dry foods. They're cost effective. And
they're easily incorporated into a wide variety of
bakery applications, from breads, sweet goods,
and cereals, to cereal bars, confections, snacks-
and so much more. Perhaps that's why Sunsweet
dried plums are fast becoming the inspiration
for countless new and interesting culinary
applications in some of the world's top bakeries.
Ingredients from The Amazing Plum by Sunsweet.
It just doesn't get any sweeter than this.

The Amazing Plum™ is a Global Bakery Sensation

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