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This demand for transparency has most
certainly engulfed flavors and colors,
maybe some of the first ingredients to be
swept up in demand for "natural."
can face supply hurdles. The raw materials these ingredients are derived from are
subject to market volatility and even scarcity. These challenges can drive up prices
and even sometimes have an impact on
the consistency of performance of the flavors and colors.
"Natural flavors do, in many cases, cost
more due to raw material availability and
expense to produce. However, with rather
persistent consumer demand for natural
flavors, food and beverage developers are
creating new products with this in mind
from the beginning," said Michelle Finley,
marketing communications associate,
Edlong Dairy Technologies.
Despite higher price tags, consumer
demand seems to be making the sacrifice
worth it to bakers and snack producers to
have a cleaner label. To help maintain their
sources, suppliers of natural flavors and colors cultivate strong relationships and keep a
sharp eye on markets around the world.
"Our R&D and procurement teams
have developed very close relationships
with our raw material suppliers to help
ease some of the sourcing challenges," said

Roger Lane, marketing manager, savory
flavors, Sensient Flavors and Fragrances.
"We know exactly who to reach out to in
order to source a new ingredient."
Land O' Lakes Ingredients not only
has developed partnerships with global
color suppliers to secure cost-effective
color resources, but the company also
watches agricultural markets closely.
"Our Land O' Lakes Corporate Strategic
Sourcing Team uses sophisticated market analytics and agricultural crop tools
to monitor color ingredient supplies
worldwide and track market forces," said
John McDonald, R&D fellow and technical director, customer solutions, Land O'
Lakes Ingredients.
With low supply and higher costs, it's
important that flavor and color performance lives up to bakers' and snack producers' standards. Because these natural
ingredients are often derived from plant
sources, quality can vary from season to
season. "Consistency of flavor and color
To remain cost-effective, flavors and colors must live up to
bakers' and snack makers' expectations.

Award Winning Pastry Chef
Takes Wedding Cakes To A
Ro c k y M o u n ta i n H i g h
Dennis Meyer started in the pastry business
as a clean-up kid at age 15. Who would have
guessed that 40 years later, this same
hard-working kid would become an award
winning pastry chef with the best place in
Denver to get a wedding cake?
Meyer, an Indiana native, is the proud
owner of Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet in
Arvada, Colorado-voted best wedding cakes
in a Denver poll several years in a row.
Though Das Meyer offers a variety of
pastries and cakes for all occasions, they
specialize in wedding cakes, and make over
1,000 wedding cakes per year.
"The whole family is involved in the
wedding business," said Meyer. "My wife
Elaine and two daughters, Hillary and
Rachel work with the customers; son
Zachary works as a cake decorator; and two
granddaughters have joined the business as
well. Meyer stated that his success starts with
great personalized service, high quality and
attention to the details. It has helped the
business gain the great reputation it has today.
Each Saturday, future brides can come to an
open house to sample a multitude of
wedding cakes, and can watch every aspect of
a cake's creation. "With all this variety, taste
is everything," said Meyer. "I use B&V®
flavor from International® Bakers Services
(IBS) in most of our cakes. The BLOV®
flavor is excellent in our home-made butter
cream." He also uses the CINNA-BUTTER
in their cinnamon rolls and a whole
spectrum of flavors in their gourmet cookies.
Meyer likes to use IBS flavors because they
always offer a natural tasting flavor with no
artificial edge. "In this business, a good
name is earned-not purchased," said
Meyer. "You have to earn repeat business in
the service and quality you provide."
If you want flavors that keep your customers
coming back time after time, turn to
International® Bakers Services. We have the
flavors your customers deserve.
Contact us toll-free at , by
fax at , or visit our website at:
International Bakers Services, 1902 North
Sheridan Ave., South Bend, Indiana 46628.

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