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Uniform, consistent flaker
B├╝hler's Flaking Mill BCFB produces breakfast cereals and grain flakes. Its
simplified, hygienic design satisfies food safety standards while offering easier
operation and maintenance. The new automatic roll gap control system ensures
uniform flake thickness and consistent quality, even at high throughput rates. The
flaker's high-grade rolls are designed for producing extruded and cooked flakes
from grains such as wheat, oats and barley.
(763) 847-0248 *

Oiler for products and pans
The Precision Oiler from Burford Corp. sprays a specific pattern of oil and pan
release agents on bakery products, pans and band ovens. It features exact liquid
metering, electronic pan sensing, rapid cycle repetition, stainless-steel construction and fully adjustable nozzle heads. Standard nozzle quantity is four, but up to
six more nozzles can be added. Spray tip options include full cone, hollow cone
and fan sprays.
(877) 287-3673 *

Multi-agitator system
The Charles Ross & Son Co.'s VersaMix is a multi-shaft mixer designed for
viscous applications requiring a high level of accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency. In a VersaMix, two or three independently driven agitators work in tandem
to ensure high-speed fine dispersion, efficient turnover and uniform heating and
cooling. The VMC-200 model has a maximum working capacity of 200 gal. An
air and oil lift raises and lowers the agitators into the vacuum-rated vessel. All
product contact surfaces are stainless steel.
(800) 243-7677 *

Accurate scaling
Focus Works' computerized table-top scale eliminates operator errors, reduces
ingredient losses, increases batch consistency and is washdown-compatible. This
scale can work as a standalone or as part of the PRIMS scaling/batching system.
Different bench sizes and max weights are available.
(631) 758-3629 *

User-friendly horizontal wrapper
The Alpha 8 horizontal wrapper from Formost Fuji includes improvements to the
operation panel for safety, security and ease of use. The wrapper includes a stronger,
simpler and more accessible end-seal system, which is quieter and more reliable
with higher sealing pressure. The center fin seal unit can tilt down without tools
which provides easy access for sanitation and maintenance. The Formost Vision
System has an "auto-teaching" feature that includes auto detection of film registration allowing for easier setup and product change. It also features a shorter film
route for reduced waste during setup as well as stainless-steel film rollers.
(425) 483-9090 *
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