Baking & Snack - October 2017 - 113

Depositor for hard-to-handle products
The Hinds-Bock patented MSBO spouts allow for clean deposits of difficult-tohandle products. They run unburnable products that previously could not be
cleanly cut off. Design features include positive shut off, unique cutting spool, circumferential air blow off, cutting spool blow off, PLC-controlled multiple cycling
of cutting spool, quick tool-free disassembly of contact parts and durable design.
MSBO spouts can be added to new or existing filling machines.
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Infiltration solution
By combining new European air pressurization technology with a distribution
design, IJ White Systems' Auto Pressurization System (APS) automatically balances the pressure differential at the infeed and discharge openings on spiral blast
freezers. The PLC-controlled system reduces the amount of freezer air spilling
from the low opening and controls the infiltration of warm, moist air into the
blast-freezing system, which can increase the production time between coil defrosts. APS increases production efficiency by more than 32%.
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High-speed bakery line
The Combiline from Koenig is for bakeries looking to produce a variety of rolls
and an hourly output of up to 9,000 pieces. The Rex Futura Multi divider and
rounder features an extended weight range of 0.6 oz to 8.6 oz, from dinner buns
to hoagies. The modular design allows users to configure the Combiline based
on available space, product requirements and budget. Different modules include
proofing, stamping, moulding, seeding and panning.
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Checkweigher flexibility
Mettler-Toledo's C-Series of checkweighers is designed to optimize flexibility on
production and packaging lines. Three main product lines comprise the C-Series.
The turnkey C31 StandardLine was designed for packages weighing up to 6 kg,
with a throughput rate of 200 units per minute. The C33 PlusLine weighs packages between 7 g and 7.5 kg at throughput rates of up to 300 units per minute.
The C35 AdvancedLine covers a weighing range from 3 g to 10 kg and measures
up to 600 packages per minute.
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Optimization through the cloud
The "M" production module from MiT Systems is the first cloud-based solution
for the baking industry that can be accessed from laptops, smartphones or tablets.
Software apps include ERP, manufacturing, sales, distribution and financials. The
enterprise-level solution is designed to meet the most sophisticated production demands of large and small bakeries. It minimizes system downtime for maintenance
and increases productivity. Additionally, the product lot tracking and recall feature
identifies every ingredient's origin to ensure the safety of the finished product.
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