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Ingredient Markets Market commentary for one-week period ended June 17, 2011 Sweeteners Sweetener markets remained quiet last week. Refined sugar prices were unchanged while New York raw sugar futures declined early but rebounded late in the week. Offers on domestic bulk refined beet and cane sugar held at 57c a lb f.o.b. for spot through Sept. 30, 2012. Trading was slow as most beet processors were sold out for 2010-11 and had 50% to as much as 80% of new crop (2011-12) supply booked. Some users continued to seek fill-in or small quantities of sugar for the rest of the current marketing year with supply from Mexico continuing to fill much of the void, although supplies from south of the border also were tightening and prices were firming, trade sources indicated. U.S. imports of sugar from Mexico through the first eight months of 2010-11 were 1,068,320 tonnes, raw value, 78% of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s projected total. Shipments in May were 143,312 tonnes, down 21% from April and down 37% from the monthly peak of 228,165 tonnes in March, the U.S.D.A. said. Production of sugar in Mexico from the start of the season through June 11 was 5.17 million tonnes, up about 8% from the same period a year ago, according to the national cane workers’ union. Some in the trade expect Mexican sugar production will fall short of estimates, which will further limit shipments to the United States and tighten supply in Mexico during the latter part of the year. After climbing since the third week in May on strong white sugar demand and some supply tightness, New York world raw sugar futures (No. 11) paused before climbing at week’s end. Port congestion continued in Thailand and Brazil. Traders expected lower prices as the season progresses and a world surplus develops. Domestic raws (No. 16) also firmed and maintained about a 10c premium to world raws. Sugar beet planting in the four major states was completed with a few acres likely to go unplanted in the Red River valley. Growers and processors will be dependent on the weather for good growing conditions and a late frost for the crop to reach full potential. Crop emergence was 69% in North Dakota (96% as the 2006-10 average for the date), 90% in Montana (99% average) and 97% in Colorado (96% average). Sugar beets rated good to excellent were 71% in Minnesota (26% fair), 76% in North Dakota (22% fair) and 65% in Colorado (31% fair). The U.S.D.A. in its latest weekly Crop Progress report rated Louisiana’s sugar cane crop at 32% good to excellent, 41% fair and 27% poor to very poor. FBN oils expanded last week as prices of most ingredients continued to decline. Soybean oil prices dropped to levels that encouraged individual buyers to extend coverage beyond 45 days or even 60 days, Edible Oils Bookings of edible which recently has been the norm. Soybean oil futures prices showed independent strength through midweek but finally gave ground toward the week’s end in sympathy with the rest of the soy complex. Also weighing on soybean oil was the recent advance in the value of the dollar, the break in crude oil futures prices below $95 a barrel and Senate passage of a measure that would eliminate the ethanol tax credits and import tariff. The cash basis on soybean oil remained strong through the first week of July mostly because rail logistical problems from flooding along the Missouri river and its tributaries that reduced operations at key soy processing plants. Cash basis levels drop after the first week in July. Soybean oil futures prices were dropping toward levels where there were several standing orders to book supply. If prices break below those levels, it was thought several buyers would extend coverage through the soybean growing season to protect against further volatility. Palm oil prices weakened. Production was beginning to increase seasonally. At the same time, export demand was below expectations with the result supplies were building in key exporting nations. The premium asked for canola oil over soybean oil widened. Sunflowerseed oil offers remained negligible, but the oil was offered for new crop well below quotes applying to the nearby. Meat fats were the notable exception to the weaker market tone. FBN Beet and cane sugar f.o.b. plant, cents per lb Sweeteners Delivered basis, cents per lb HFCS spot price1 HFCS list price2 Regular — Change from — Year corn June 17 June 10 June 3 ago syrup3 Dextrose 42% HFCS wet 55% HFCS wet June 17 Year ago Midwest beet 55.00 @ 57.00 — — 49.00 21.375 24.875 net 153/8@ 193/8 153/8@ 163/8 29.85@33.85 24.625 East Pacific beet 55.00 @ 57.00 — — 49.00 Midwest 22.925 26.425 net 28.85@32.85 26.175 Midwest Cane* 55.00 @ 57.00 — — 49.00 Northeast 16¾@ 20¾ 16¾@ 17¾ 23.125 26.625 net *Spot raw plus 7% plus 15.4c with 2% cash discount. Southeast 167/8@ 207/8 167/8@ 177/8 31.85@35.85 26.375 West 22.625 26.125 net Southwest 16½@ 20½ 16½@ 17½ 25.875 Raw cane 23.325 26.825 net West 173/8@ 213/8 173/8@ 183/8 26.575 Delivered refiner, cents per lb 1-Variations in prices often tied to tank car versus truck deliveries. 2-Prices are the lowest available to the publication. 3-Regular 42 DE/43 Baume, f.o.b. tank cars, trucks — Change from — Contract June 17 June 10 June 3 Nearby 36.00 +.50 +.95 July-September 36.00 +.50 +.75 October-December 36.25 +.70 +.65 January-March 35.85 +1.55 +2.10 April-June 35.75 +2.00 +1.95 July-September 35.85 +2.60 +2.05 Year ago 32.10 32.10 28.10 28.05 27.70 27.60 Chicago soybean oil futures Bulk in tank cars, cents per lb June 17 — Change from — Delivery close June 10 June 3 July 55.92 -.93 -2.81 August 56.19 -.94 -2.82 September 56.45 -.96 -2.83 October 56.73 -.97 -2.82 December 57.26 -.98 -2.78 January 57.52 -.98 -2.73 Year ago 37.92 38.11 38.30 38.51 38.96 39.24 Edible oils Bulk, cents per lb — Change from — Year June 17 June 10 June 3 ago Soybean oil, Decatur 54.75 Loose lard, Chicago 57.00 Edible tallow, Chicago 57.75 Cottonseed oil, Miss. PBSY 54.25 Palm oil, ports 57.00 Palm kernel oil, ports 68.50 Coconut oil 98.00 Peanut oil, Southeast 77.50 Corn oil, Decatur 71.25 Sunflowerseed oil, Midwest 103.00 Canola oil, Midwest 59.25 -1.25 +1.00 +2.50 -1.50 -1.00 -.25 -3.00 +.50 -1.75 — +.25 -3.00 -.50 35.50 35.00 Spot soybean oil Decatur, Ill., bulk cents per lb 63.00 53.00 43.00 33.00 23.00 J S D Previous Year M Current Year +1.00 35.00 -3.50 -2.50 40.50 40.75 Crude soybean oil Bulk in tank cars, cents per lb Delivery Decatur, Ill. June 54.42 @54.67 July 54.42 @54.67 August 54.19 @54.69 September 54.45 @54.95 October 54.73 @55.23 November 55.00 @55.50 December 55.26 @55.76 Western points 54.17 @54.42 54.17 @54.42 53.69 @54.19 53.95 @54.45 54.23 @54.73 54.50 @55.00 54.76 @55.26 -4.00 45.50 +1.00 45.75 -3.50 -1.75 -1.00 -2.00 68.50 40.00 57.00 41.00 54 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® June 21, 2011

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Food Business News - June 21, 2011
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Food Business News - June 21, 2011