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Editorial EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Morton I. Sosland Executive editor, markets Neil N. Sosland Editor L. Joshua Sosland Executive editor Keith Nunes Senior editor, markets Jay S. Sjerven Managing editor Eric J. Schroeder Associate editor Jeff Gelski Assistant editor Ron Sterk Internet editors Allison Gibeson Erica Shaffer Graphic designer, market graphics, data Christina Sullivan German E.coli outbreak underscores need to fund F.S.M.A. KEITH NUNES T PUBLISHING STAFF Chairman Charles S. Sosland Vice-chairman L. Joshua Sosland President and publisher Mark Sabo Associate publisher David DePaul G. Michael Gude Bruce Webster Vice-president, chief financial officer Melanie Hepperly Audience development director Don Keating Advertising manager Nora Wages Director of design services Sadowna Conarroe Circulation manager Judith Arnone Digital systems analyst Marj Potts Manager of advertising design Becky White Director of e-Business Jon Hall Director of on-line advertising and promotions Carrie Fluegge Promotions manager Jennifer Morris WE’RE EAGER TO RECEIVE YOUR FEEDBACK: E-mail or write to us at Food Business News, 4800 Main Street, Suite 100, Kansas City, Mo, 64112 he food-borne illness outbreak occurring concerned about food safety than was the earlier this month in Northern Germany case four or five years ago because they are due to a rare strain of E. coli is a stark re- hearing less about the issue in the news. But minder of why an adequate national food safety that does not mean those responsible for system requires two key components: Diligence food safety should abandon diligence. The by the producers and companies manufactur- vote by the House committee was a genuine ing the products and a robust surveillance and disappointment because as the Food and traceability system to limit the scope and dam- Drug Administration moves forward with age of any outbreak that may occur. With those the implementation of the Food Safety two essentials in mind, it was particularly dis- Modernization Act, the resources needed to heartening to see the agriculture subcommittee activate the program are being denied. In of the House Appropriations Committee vote to response to the committee’s vote, the Obama reduce federal funding targeting national food administration contends that the funding level safety efforts. in the bill and resulting staff reductions will While any food safety issue is a matter of concern While any food safety issue is a matter of concern for for industry executives, it is the lesser known, industry executives, it is the lesser known, emerging emerging threats that are the most problematic. threats that are the most problematic. The implementation of hazard analysis and critical control point programs throughout the severely limit the F.D.A.’s ability to protect the food and beverage industry has given most public’s health and assure American consumers manufacturers adequate controls to assess, that foodstuffs are safe. During the Institute of Food Technologists’ verify and respond to a food safety problem. But as the situation in Germany has shown, annual meeting and food expo, in a session it is the rarer, lesser known pathogens that may regarding the German E. coli outbreak, Patrick cause the most significant market disruption. Wall, the former chair of the European Food The E. coli strain in question, O104:H4, was Safety Authority, said, “Once you have an last associated with illnesses in 2009 in the outbreak like this it exposes weakness. There’s Republic of Georgia. The strain was isolated not time to fix them when an event is happening, from two patients who expressed the same and no one wants to give you resources when symptoms, but no source of infection was ever nothing is happening.” Representative Harold Rogers of Kentucky, identified. Making matters worse, the 2009 strain was less virulent than the one recently chairman of the House committee, said when isolated in Germany, which has proven more the agriculture appropriations bill was brought to the full committee by the subcommittee on resistant to antibiotics. Raw bean sprouts have been identified as agriculture, rural development, Food and Drug the source of the outbreak, but the path to Administration and related agencies, “As is the source identification was fraught with mind- goal of all our appropriations bills this year, boggling market upheavals. In the process this legislation reflects hard decisions to cut of identifying raw sprouts, fresh tomatoes, lower priority programs, reduce spending in cucumbers and lettuce were implicated, and programs that can be scaled back, and target the market reaction was devastating to farmers funds where they are needed most so that our and producers of those products throughout nation continues on the path to fiscal recovery.” As Dr. Wall noted, no one wants to devote the European Union. In Spain, much produce ended up being left in the fields to rot because resources to an issue when a need is absent or consumers were warned to avoid certain less apparent. But in this case, the government’s food safety efforts should not be considered products. A recent survey conducted by the Food a lower priority program or one that may be Marketing Institute shows the variability scaled back. As the outbreak in Germany has of consumer concerns about food safety. shown, now is exactly the time to make this Consumers today were found to be less investment. FBN June 21, 2011 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 9

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Food Business News - June 21, 2011
C.D.C. report fi nds increase in salmonella infections
General Mills sees ‘robust’ growth opportunities in global yogurt category
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Editorial - German E.coli outbreak underscores need to fund F.S.M.A.
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C.D.C. report points to increase in salmonella infections
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General Mills sees ‘robust’ growth opportunities in global yogurt category
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Sea salt assists in sodium reduction
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Food Business News - June 21, 2011