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Whey Protein Whey protein’s emerging mass appeal Continued from Page 1 demonstrates the ability of whey protein to help consumers improve body weight and composition. Published in the Journal of Nutrition, the findings show that whey protein may be more effective than carbohydrates or soy protein with regards to weight management. “Without changing diet, whey supplemented to the diet resulted in a small loss of body weight and fat compared to a group receiving the same amount of calories from supplemental carbohydrate,” said David Baer, supervisory research physiologist in the food components and health laboratory of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, and the lead scientist in the study. “The body weight and fat of the group supplemented with soy protein was not different from the carbohydrate supplemented group.” The outcome may be related to enhanced satiety with whey protein, as participants in the whey protein group showed significantly lower levels of the hunger-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, compared to the other two groups, Dr. Baer said. The study was conducted by the U.S.D.A.-A.R.S. Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center in Beltsville, Md. Researchers tracked body weight, body composition and waist circumference data from 73 overweight and obese adults, who were assigned to consume a 200-calorie beverage, consisting of 28 grams of whey or soy protein plus carbohydrate or carbohydrate alone, twice a day for 23 weeks. The subjects were described as “free-living,” meaning no other dietary direction was given, and no lifestyle changes were dictated. While there were no significant differences at the start of the trial between the study groups, by the end of the study the whey protein group’s body weight was approximately 4 lbs lower than the carbohydrate group, and their body fat was 5 lbs less than the carbohydrate group. Additionally, the whey protein group’s waist size was measured nearly an inch smaller than both the carbohydrate and soy protein groups. Those who consumed soy protein did not exhibit significant differences from the carbohydrate group. Research data indicates that all groups compensated for the additional 400 calories per day by cutting back on other foods, as none gained a significant amount of weight during the 23-week period. However, the whey protein group likely made up for the added calories from the beverage more effectively, since they showed improvements in body weight and composition compared to the carbohydrate group. Dr. Baer said the study should lead to further research. “(We want to) confirm the results, identify subgroups that may respond to a greater degree than others, and to determine the mechanisms by which whey protein might alter metabolism or food intake,” he said. The study was funded by the U.S. Whey Protein Research Consortium, of which the Dairy Research Institute is a managing member, and the U.S.D.A.’s Agricultural Research Service. As the potential benefits of adding whey protein to a diet continue to emerge, ingredient manufacturers also are developing new whey-based better utilized compared to other forms. Binding L-leucine to a whey peptide also resulted in complete solubility of the L-leucine with no sedimentation or stratification in beverage Research highlights potential applications for the ingredient ingredients for commercial food and beverage applications. Glanbia Nutritionals, which is a division of Glanbia P.L.C. and has an office in the United States in Evanston, Ill., said recent research has highlighted the role of branch chain amino acids and, in particular, leucine in supporting muscle growth and development. Glanbia recently introduced PepForm Leucine Peptides, a high-leucine peptide product. Recent animal studies showed this form of amino acids is applications, according to the company. Glanbia also recently introduced Optisol 1000 as a functional whey protein. The whey protein system has about twice the level of high molecular weight proteins. The high molecular weight may provide better emulsification characteristics compared to a standard whey protein concentrate, and sensory attributes are also improved. DBN — David Phillips 44 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® August 16, 2011

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Food Business News - August 16, 2011
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Whey protein’s emerging mass appeal
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Food Business News - August 16, 2011