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Supplier Innovations and News Carob powder ingredient may replace cocoa Tate & Lyle, P.L.C., London, has launched a cocoa replacement solution that uses Carcao, a carob powder ingredient, and is designed to save costs in the total recipe. Carcao may be used as a partial cocoa replacer in dairy, bakery and ice cream applications. Manufacturers also may achieve a desired color or flavor. For instance, Tate & Lyle food scientists may adjust the temperature and roasting conditions during carob powder production to produce a series of different Carcao products. The products may range from light brown and sweet-tasting to dark brown with a strong unsweetened taste. Tate & Lyle has developed case studies to demonstrate the cost benefits of using Carcao. They include a chocolate mousse, a chocolatetasting muffin, a cocoa drink, chocolate ice cream and a cocoa filling. Research discovers possible new natural preservative University of Minnesota researchers have discovered and received a patent for a naturally occurring lantibiotic that may be added to food to kill harmful bacteria like salmonella, E. coli and listeria. A harmless bacterium produces the lantibiotic, a peptide. It may be used to prevent harmful bacteria in meats, process cheese, egg products, dairy products, canned foods, seafood, salad dressing and fermented beverages. “It’s aimed at protecting foods from a broad range of bugs that cause disease,” said Dan O’Sullivan, a professor of food science and nutrition in the university’s College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. “Of the natural preservatives, it has a broader umbrella of bugs that it can protect against.” According to the university, lantibiotics are easy to digest and non-toxic, and they do not induce allergies. The university’s Office for Technology Commercialization is seeking a licensee for the technology. Visit: Kalsec antioxidants compare favorably Kalsec, Kalamazoo, Mich., recently compared lipid oxidation and color loss in pork sausage treated with natural antioxidants to pork sausage treated with synthetic alternatives. The studies showed it is possible to maintain low levels of oxidation similar to BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) when using Kalsec natural oxidants, Herbalox seasoning type HT 25 and Duralox oxidation management systems NC-204. “As cleaner labels continue to be a consumer priority, food manufacturers continue to seek alternatives to synthetic antioxidants that not only provide cleaner product labels, but also maintain product quality and stability,” said Gary Augustine, product director of antioxidants for Kalsec. “These tests show another example of an application where natural antioxidants can provide a comparable natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants.” Scales display results in 2 seconds Ohaus Corp., Parsippany, N.J., has introduced the Valor 5000 line of standard and high-resolution compact bench scales that display results within 2 seconds. The scales have a large, backlit display with multiple weight units to provide efficient measurement in food portioning and checkweighing applications, according to the company. An audible buzzer alerts users when limits are reached. Visit: Visit: August 30, 2011 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 43

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Food Business News - August 30, 2011
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Editorial - Food itself plays major role in demand for food
Private equity group acquires Minnesota-based candy company
F.D.A. seeks more comments on phytosterols
MegaMex acquires Fresherized Foods
Nestle updates nutrition labeling system
OpenGate Capital to acquire Dean Foods facility
Walgreens launches Nice! store brand
Hormel Foods earnings up 15% in quarter
With charges, Heinz income down 6% in quarter
Consumers dissatisfi ed with frozen meal portions
Kraft cutting coffee prices 6%
California Pizza hires G.J. Hart as president, c.e.o.
Accountability at the heart of new food safety law
General Mills, Batter Blaster win G.M.A. innovation awards
Rowland acquisition boosts Smucker earnings
Coca-Cola, partners to invest $4 billion in China
July milk production up 0.8%
Washington - ' Fit for Life' bill targets childhood obesity
Soaring egg prices, egg products still rising
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Feature - Hormel Foods earnings up 15% in quarter
Feature - Natural, low-calorie refreshment
Feature - Soaring egg prices peaking, egg products still rising

Food Business News - August 30, 2011