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Food Business in the News “You have to be rational. There’s no way you can support life on earth if you go straight from farm to table.” Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, chairman of the board of Nestle S.A., discussing consumer demand in developed countries for organic foods, slow foods and farmer’s markets. FastCompany Aug. 21, 2011 “When you think about it, it is not easy to get protein in a convenient form. And then if you raise the bar further and say, high-protein, low-fat, convenient, and tastes great — wow! That might make this a perfect food.” David Palmer, an analyst for UBS who studies the packaged foods industry, discussing the growth and potential for Greek-style yogurt. “Five pesos is the magic price point for us. More than 60% of the volume of our Milo brand, for example, is sold at five pesos. Eventually, we are going to have to move off that price, but we can defend it for the foreseeable future.” John Miller, chairman and chief executive of Nestle Philippines Inc., discussing the importance of pricing in developing economies. Aug. 22, 2011 The Wall Street Journal Aug. 23, 2011 “We talk about hospitality, we talk about friendly relationships, but we live in a world of speed today.” Jim Skinner, chief executive officer of McDonald’s Corp., discussing why the company did not go forward with adding deli sandwiches to its menu. Store employees could not consistently make them in 55 to 60 seconds. “Writing rules is inexpensive; enforcing them is expensive. There will be a public health impact because enforcement won’t be to the extent they want to do it.” David W. Acheson, a former associate commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration who is now a food safety consultant, commenting on the importance of providing adequate funding to fully implement the Food Safety Modernization Act. CNN/Money Aug. 23, 2011 “We think this is an inflection point. We believe that, from now, China is going to be a steady buyer.” Brian Schouvieller, a grain marketing executive, discussing China’s growing demand for corn. The New York Times Aug. 22, 2011 The Wall Street Journal Aug. 17, 2011 “It is not as simple as hiding it in a bug nugget. People won’t accept it beyond the novelty. When you think of a chicken you think of a chicken breast, not the eyes, wings and beak. We’re trying to do the same thing with insects, create a stepping-stone, so that when you get a bug nugget you think of the bug steak, not the whole animal.” Matthew Krisiloff, the owner of Entom Foods, which is working on shelling insects using pressurization technology to harvest meat and sell it in cutlet form. The New Yorker Aug. 15 and Aug. 22, 2011 50 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® August 30, 2011 October 27, 2009

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Food Business News - August 30, 2011
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Editorial - Food itself plays major role in demand for food
Private equity group acquires Minnesota-based candy company
F.D.A. seeks more comments on phytosterols
MegaMex acquires Fresherized Foods
Nestle updates nutrition labeling system
OpenGate Capital to acquire Dean Foods facility
Walgreens launches Nice! store brand
Hormel Foods earnings up 15% in quarter
With charges, Heinz income down 6% in quarter
Consumers dissatisfi ed with frozen meal portions
Kraft cutting coffee prices 6%
California Pizza hires G.J. Hart as president, c.e.o.
Accountability at the heart of new food safety law
General Mills, Batter Blaster win G.M.A. innovation awards
Rowland acquisition boosts Smucker earnings
Coca-Cola, partners to invest $4 billion in China
July milk production up 0.8%
Washington - ' Fit for Life' bill targets childhood obesity
Soaring egg prices, egg products still rising
Health and Wellness - From digestive health to weight management
Ingredient Innovations - Tropical assistance
New Product Trends - Natural, low-calorie refreshment
New Food Products
INGREDIENT MARKET TRENDS - Statistics Canada forecasts record canola crop
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Food Business in the News
Feature - Hormel Foods earnings up 15% in quarter
Feature - Natural, low-calorie refreshment
Feature - Soaring egg prices peaking, egg products still rising

Food Business News - August 30, 2011