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Washington Shining a light on sugary drinks More than half of Americans consume at least one sugary drink each day Continued from Page 1 consume 94 kcal. Seventy per cent of males ages 2 to 19 years consume sugar drinks on a given day, while 55% of males 20 and older do. For females ages 2 to 19 the percentage is 60%, while 40% of females ages 20 and older consume sugar drinks on a given day. In general, the survey found consumption of sugar drinks increases until the ages of 12 to 19 years, at which point the rate of consumption decreases with age. “About 50% of the population consumes no sugar drinks; 25% consumes some sugar drinks but less than 200 kcal (more than one 12-oz can of cola); and 5% consumes at least 567 kcal from sugar drinks on a given day (more than four 12-oz cans of cola),” the C.D.C. said. Looking at where sugar drinks are consumed, the survey found 52% of sugar drink kilocalories were consumed in the home. Most of the kilocalories (92%) were purchased in stores, while a little more than 6% were purchased in restaurants or fast-food establishments. Of the 48% consumed away from home, 43% were purchased in stores, 35.5% in restaurants or fast-food establishments, and 1.4% in schools or day care settings, the C.D.C. said. More than 20% of sugar drink kilocalories consumed away from home were obtained in other places such as vending Similarly, among adults living below 130% of the poverty line, mean kilocalories from sugar drinks was 8.8% of total kilocalories; among those living between 130% and 350% of the poverty line, mean kilocalories from sugar drinks was 6.2%; and among those at or above 350% of the poverty line, mean kilocalories was 4.4%. Rachel Johnson, the Robert L. Bickford Jr. Green and Gold Professor in the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences at the University of Vermont and a spokesperson for the A.H.A., said that the findings are not surprising, and confirm that sugary drinks are the No. 1 source of added sugars in the diet. “What is useful is that it gives us some more descriptions in terms of age, sex and race,” consumes Dr. Johnson said. “It tells us more than who is drinking the most. In 567 kcal terms of developing messages, that could be really (more than helpful.” four 12-oz And while some cans of cola)* consumes progress has been made in cutting less than sugary drinks out 200 kcal of consumers’ diets, (more than she stressed that the one 12-oz data indicate just how can of cola)* much work needs to be done to get to the A.H.A.’s recommended per capita consumption goal of no more than 450 kilocalories consumes no (kcal) of sugar-sweetened beverages per week. sugary drinks* That goal is also part of the “Life’s Sweeter with Fewer Sugary Drinks” campaign that *per day was launched Aug. 31 by a coalition of groups, including the A.H.A., the Center for Science in Source: C.D.C./N.C.H.S., National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2005-2008 the Public Interest, the American machines, cafeterias, street vendors and community food programs. The C.D.C. report also found differences between kilocalorie intake among income brackets. Among households with income below 130% of the poverty line, the mean percentage of total kilocalories consumed from sugar drinks was 8.2%, higher than the 6.7% consumed among those living at or above 350% of the poverty line. Per cent of population who ... 5% 25% 50% ERIC SCHROEDER 34 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® September 13, 2011

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Food Business News - September 13, 2011
Kraft’s split on schedule
Nonfat dry milk prices drop as milk output rises
Shining a light on sugary drinks
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Editorial - Preparing for the rising cost of fresh water
Private label products make gains in salad, sugar categories
Seaboard’s Rod Brenneman to lead Butterball
Limited avocado supply hurts Calavo earnings
PepsiCo outlines path for global snacks growth
F.D.A. initiates projects to trace foodborne illnesses
U.S.D.A. study shows food insecurity down from 2009
McCormick completes acquisition of Kamis
Leadership team set for Sara Lee’s CoffeeCo spin-off
Seneca, Allens terminate merger negotiations
Human milk components the focus of partnership
JBS shifting operations in Brazil
Dannon opens new innovation center
July red meat production down 4% from year ago
Aramark to acquire Filterfresh from G.M.C.R.
Tyson Foods to ramp up prepared foods output
McDonald’s investing $1 billion in Canada
Rowland Coffee integration on track at Smucker
Food trucks transitioning from fad to trend
Kraft’s split on schedule
Restructuring charges weigh on Campbell earnings
Starbucks K-Cup Portion Packs going to grocery stores
Sanderson Farms swings to loss in quarter
Nestle completes production unit for nutrition factory
Restaurant Performance Index falls beneath 100 to 11-month low in July
Washington - Shining a light on sugary drinks
Market Insight - Nonfat dry milk prices drop as milk output rises
Health and Wellness - School lunches get slimmer
Ingredient Innovations - Possible opportunity in immunity
Flavor Trends - Fire and flavor
New Product Trends - Expanding flavors and protein sources in jerky
New Food Products - Dannon introduces Activia Selects yogurt
New Food Products - Balance Bar launches nimble bar for women
New Food Products - Nestle introducing Nescafe LiquiFresh Gourmet Blend
New Food Products - New jerky from Jack Link’s uses Cholula Hot Sauce
New Food Products - Odwalla adds Super Protein Mango smoothie
New Food Products - Frito-Lay introduces Doritos and Cheetos Fiery Fusion
New Food Products - Burger King adds Quaker oatmeal to breakfast menu
New Food Products - Lifestyle Foods launching G2 snack line
INGREDIENT MARKET TRENDS - Winter wheat planting under way except in dry Southwest
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Supplier Innovations and News - Soy blend has texture characteristics of meat
Supplier Innovations and News - Sustainable palm oil certifi cation reaches Brazil
Supplier Innovations and News - Grain Processing Corp. promotes scientist
Supplier Innovations and News - Starches offer retort, freeze/thaw benefits
Supplier Innovations and News - Red Arrow launches pot roast fl avor
Supplier Innovations and News - Takasago names v.p. of consumer insight
Supplier Innovations and News - Honey, fig flavors join balsamic vinegar line
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Food Business News - September 13, 2011