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Health and Wellness Researchers shed light on esearchers continue to make discoveries that shed light on the potential connection between probiotics and human health. Meanwhile, more consumers are gaining awareness of probiotics and their impact on health. Consumer research from The Dannon Co., a business unit of Groupe Danone, Paris, shows the general public is more aware of probiotics, but misperceptions about the microorganisms remain. For example, nearly twothirds of consumers surveyed are familiar with the term “probiotics,” up from about half in 2009, according to Dannon. But concerns and R provides protection against upper respiratory tract infections in children and adults, according to the Health Behavior News Service, part of the Center for Advancing Health. The review featured 14 randomized controlled trials that included 3,451 participants. More than two-thirds were children, and the average age of adult participants was 40. Elderly adults were not included in the study. The reviewers compared the frequency of colds and other respiratory infections in people who took probiotics to people who took placebos. “Probiotics intervention was better than placebos in reducing the number of participants Uniform standards may bolster claims made for new products confusion about probiotics and potential health impacts persist despite the positive news about consumers’ increasing awareness of probiotics. The Dannon survey found that 22% of respondents believe that all bacteria may make people sick. Roughly one-third of respondents said they feel uncomfortable eating foods that contain bacteria, and 30% of consumers are unaware that different strains of bacteria have different benefits. Scientific developments regarding probiotics and immunity may help close the gap in consumers’ knowledge of the benefits of probiotics, especially as they face cold and flu season. A review of new research indicates that taking probiotics experiencing episodes of acute upper respiratory tract infections,” review co-author Qiukui Hao told Health Behavior News Service. “Limited information from 3 of the 14 studies we included in our analysis also showed that probiotics can reduce the prescription of antibiotics.” Research into the interaction between probiotics and intestinal mucosa show promise as scientists work toward “a la carte” probiotic solutions to digestive health and immunity problems. A recent study published in Nature Review examined how select probiotics interacted in the intestines of test subjects. “In order to better evaluate a person’s response to probiotics, the authors also stress the importance of considering human individual factors — such as genetics, diet, lifestyle, and resident microbiota for instance,” wrote Peter Bron, a researcher at NIZO food research and an author of the study. “Indeed, different probiotic strains may have unique benefits and be tailored for specific applications to meet individual needs.” Supplements and dairy products, such as yogurt, are popular formats for probiotics among consumers. But sales of juices with probiotics are growing. NextFoods of Boulder, Colo., offers GoodBelly probiotic juice drinks that include Lactobacillus plantarum299v probiotic strains. Chr. Hansen is promoting its L. casei 431 Juice, a probiotic designed to survive the low pH environment of chilled juice and juice drinks. L. casei 431 Juice contains Lactobacillus paracasei 431. “This probiotic strain has very strong scientific documentation as well as a long history of use in yogurt and dietary supplement products,” said Marie Brenoee, global marketing manager of probiotic cultures at Chr. Hansen. Products promoted for digestive health benefits had global sales of $63 billion in 2010, according to Euromonitor. Digestive health product sales in the United States led all countries at $13 billion in 2010, and Euromonitor forecast the U.S. market to grow to $20 billion by 2015. Global sales in the digestive health category were forecast to grow by another $19 billion from 2010 to 2015. With so much at stake, food manufacturers and formulators may be looking to further authenticate the legitimacy and safety of the probiotic strains used in food products. A partnership between scientists and industry stakeholders at U.S. Pharmacopeia (U.S.P.) is working to provide standards for probiotics. U.S.P. produces standards for the authenticity, purity, identity and strength of food ingredients, supplement ingredients and for pharmaceutical ingredients, be it active or inactive components. U.S.P. is not involved in validating health claims. Rather, U.S.P. scientists help authenticate the identity and safety of probiotics and give others the means to do 26 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® December 20, 2011

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Food Business News - December 20, 2011
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Food Business News - December 20, 2011