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Flavor Trends Finding around the world Consumers are looking for bold and intense flavors to satisfy the palate Continued from Page 1 that are multi-dimensional,” said Joanne Ferrara, senior director of research, quality and innovation at Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings, Omaha. When it comes to domestic flavors, Ms. Ferrara said flavors of the South, including Old World cuisine with a New Orleans touch are still popular. Regional barbeque flavors for snack foods are popular, with specific requests for Memphis, Kansas City and Carolina Gold flavors. In addition, there has been an emphasis on the combination of sweet and savory flavors. This may entail Caribbean flavors that include some savory character, heat and citrus notes. Ms. Ferrara said consumers want flavors to “pop,” and they are looking for excitement. Stepping up the heat Polly Barrett, director of flavor research and development and applied technology for Kalsec, Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich., said she is seeing more emphasis on pungency and heat in flavors. She said there is a lot of use of curries and chili peppers, with consumers even beginning to understand the difference between different kinds of chilies. Ms. Ferrara said guajillo and pasilla chilies are two specific types consumers are seeking. Overall, Ms. Barrett said more authentic Hispanic dishes also are resonating with consumers. Umami is still as popular as ever, but a new taste sensation called kokumi is generating interest in savory flavors. “More recently, researchers are talking about kokumi — not a taste perception like umami — but more of an intensification of the five basic tastes,” Ms. Ferrara said. “I like to think about it when I’m cooking spaghetti sauce at home. I cook the meat ahead of time — meatballs and pork spareribs — and include them in the cooking of the sauce for a few hours with the garlic, onion and savory spices and herbs. Their inclusion in the sauce during the cooking stage helps develop and marry the tomato and meat components and intensify the taste. It’s somewhat like a shortened aging process to create a well-balanced flavor.” Mr. McDermott said using yeast extracts not only helps produce a high umami profile but adds kokumi as COURTESY OF SPICETEC FLAVORS & SEASONINGS April 10, 2012 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 45

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Food Business News - April 10, 2012
F.D.A. rejects petition to ban bisphenol A
Finding savory flavors around the world
Prospective corn plantings at highest level since 1937
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Editorial - Steve Jobs as enticing model for food industry
Investment plans call for Burger King to go public
Consumers seeking deals to return to restaurants
General Mills ahead on product nutrition profile improvements
Test for milk allergens not as effective as thought
Craig Bahner to join Wendy’s as c.m.o.
Gluten-free offerings boost global snack introductions
Warne to lead Perkins and Marie Callender’s
Rich Products buys Canadian frozen dessert company
Michigan retailer acquires dairy production capacity
PepsiCo and Tingyi Holding finalize beverage alliance in China
US Foods acquires specialty importer
Market for food bars reaches $5.7 billion
Misinformation impacts beef demand
C.D.C. vitamin, nutrient data show progress
Burger King rolls out whopper of a menu change
Soup, salads showing strength on the menu
Daniel Saw to lead Campbell’s Asia business
Restaurant operator optimism on the rise
Market Insight - Prospective corn plantings at highest level since 1937
IFT Wellness 12 - Transparency vs. simplicity
Flavor Trends - Finding savory flavors around the world
Ingredient Innovations - Caramel color concerns prompt change
Colors by nature
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Supplier Innovations and News - Egg replacer sales look to grow for Arla
Supplier Innovations and News - Systems reduce sodium in meat
Supplier Innovations and News - Perform spray drying tests in a single operation
Supplier Innovations and News - DuPont offers guar gum alternatives
Supplier Innovations and News - Pea protein enhances chocolate
Supplier Innovations and News - Barry Callebaut profits slip while sales rise
Supplier Innovations and News - Caramel color has more intensity
Supplier Innovations and News - Stabilize freeze-thaw products
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Food Business News - April 10, 2012