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Food Business in the News Hidden Valley for Everything will be “as ubiquitous as ketchup on restaurant tables and in consumers’ kitchens.” Jon Balousek, a vice-president with Clorox Co., owner of the Hidden Valley Foods brand, discussing the company’s plan to increase sales of ranch dressing. The Wall Street Journal April 5, 2012 “The bottom line, there is all sorts of uncertainty here. It is going to make for an extremely volatile spring and summer.” Bryce Knorr, an analyst with Farm Futures, discussing the latest corn and soybean plantings data. The Wall Street Journal March 31-April 1, 2012 “This system is the same inspection model we’ve had since the Eisenhower administration.” Alfred V. Almanza, the administrator of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, commenting on why his agency is proposing changes to the current poultry inspection process. “There’s been so much talk about gas hitting $5 a gallon, and if that happens, that will really have an impact on the industry. If the gas situation doesn’t come to fruition, then I think we’re looking at things starting to pick up a bit.” Bonnie Riggs, restaurant industry analyst for The NPD Group, commenting on industry’s outlook. The Wall Street Journal April 2, 2012 The New York Times April 4, 2012 “Dude, it’s beef.” “Kentucky Fried Chicken was the tradition in Japan. People would get together to eat fried chicken and Christmas cake — it was a common thing. So we started driving people to order pizza. Now, people perceive (Christmas Eve) as an occasion to buy fried chicken, get pizza delivered and then eat Christmas cake.” Kenji Ikeda, executive vice-president of marketing for Domino’s Pizza in Japan, commenting on how some fast-food products are perceived as holiday indulgences by Japanese consumers. Rick Sheehy, lieutenant governor of Nebraska, commenting on the negative publicity around lean finely textured beef. Omaha World-Herald April 1, 2012 Advertising Age April 2, 2012 74 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® April 10, 2012 October 27, 2009

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Food Business News - April 10, 2012
F.D.A. rejects petition to ban bisphenol A
Finding savory flavors around the world
Prospective corn plantings at highest level since 1937
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Editorial - Steve Jobs as enticing model for food industry
Investment plans call for Burger King to go public
Consumers seeking deals to return to restaurants
General Mills ahead on product nutrition profile improvements
Test for milk allergens not as effective as thought
Craig Bahner to join Wendy’s as c.m.o.
Gluten-free offerings boost global snack introductions
Warne to lead Perkins and Marie Callender’s
Rich Products buys Canadian frozen dessert company
Michigan retailer acquires dairy production capacity
PepsiCo and Tingyi Holding finalize beverage alliance in China
US Foods acquires specialty importer
Market for food bars reaches $5.7 billion
Misinformation impacts beef demand
C.D.C. vitamin, nutrient data show progress
Burger King rolls out whopper of a menu change
Soup, salads showing strength on the menu
Daniel Saw to lead Campbell’s Asia business
Restaurant operator optimism on the rise
Market Insight - Prospective corn plantings at highest level since 1937
IFT Wellness 12 - Transparency vs. simplicity
Flavor Trends - Finding savory flavors around the world
Ingredient Innovations - Caramel color concerns prompt change
Colors by nature
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends
Ingredient Markets
Supplier Innovations and News - Egg replacer sales look to grow for Arla
Supplier Innovations and News - Systems reduce sodium in meat
Supplier Innovations and News - Perform spray drying tests in a single operation
Supplier Innovations and News - DuPont offers guar gum alternatives
Supplier Innovations and News - Pea protein enhances chocolate
Supplier Innovations and News - Barry Callebaut profits slip while sales rise
Supplier Innovations and News - Caramel color has more intensity
Supplier Innovations and News - Stabilize freeze-thaw products
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Food Business News - April 10, 2012