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Supplier Innovations and News Purac reveals value of purified lactic acid in color stabilization booming, as consumers express health concerns and a desire to return to natural products. Red, pink, purple and blue are popular colors in many confectionery, jams, jellies and beverage products. The colors may be found in anthocyanins, which are present in fruits and vegetables, including black currants, grapes and purple carrots. Natural colors are inherently unstable and factors including pH, temperature, oxidation, light and the presence of sugar or salt may all affect stability in the end product. Acidulants have been used for many years for anthocyanin stabilization. The latest research adds new opportunities for formulators to stabilize colors more efficiently in acidified applications such as beverages. PURAC FIT Plus is a natural, ultra-pure, high quality lactic acid launched in 2010. Since its introduction, it has been adopted by formulators for acidification and masking off-tastes from high-intensity sweeteners. Wild develops new flavor line Research completed by Purac, Gorinchem, The Netherlands, demonstrated the effectiveness of PURAC FIT Plus for natural color stabilization in acidified foods and drinks. The study showed the product, a purified lactic acid, may reduce the fading of anthocyanins (natural red- purple colors) in acidified finished products by up to 50% compared to citric acid. The ability to retain fresh and vibrant colors throughout a product’s shelf life is a benefit for formulators and brand owners. The use of natural colors in the food industry is Wild Flavors, Inc., Erlanger, Ky., recently introduced Flavor Fusion, its newest line of flavor creations. A blend of flavor profiles, the line may be used in a variety of applications. Combinations include: aloe berry, superfruit fusion, lime tea cola, pear berry, mango mint, honeydew hibiscus, grape limeade, strawberry lemon, tea jasmine, fantasy citrus, dragonfruit lime, peach spice, aloe melon, Thai dragonfruit and black cherry chili. Visit: Visit: Edlong Dairy Flavors introduces three cheese flavors Elk Grove, Ill.-based Edlong Dairy Flavors has added three new cheese flavors to its lineup of concentrated dairy flavors and high-intensity dairy ingredients. The new flavors include a natural Parmesantype liquid, a Romano cheese powder and a natural cheddartype powder. With its musty, fruity and aged notes, Natural ParmesanType Flavor #1412119 is a liquid, oil soluble flavor well-suited for analog cheeses, snacks, salad dressings and sauces. Natural Romano-Type Flavor #1412030 features upfront savory and lipolytic notes and a buttery, fatty finish. The water dispersible powder is ideal for salad dressings, sauces, soups and analog cheese applications. Natural Cheddar-Type Flavor #1412069 offers yeasty and savory cheese notes. This water and oil dispersible powder is suited for sauces and bakery products. All three flavors are non-dairy, certified Kosher Pareve, whole foods compliant and have no bio-engineered organisms. Niacet announces price movement among propionates Niacet Corp., Niagara Falls, N.Y., announced an increase on list and off-list prices for all propionates by 5c per lb, effective for shipments on or after Oct. 1, or as contract conditions allow. This increase is the result of increasing costs of petrochemical feedstocks. The increases include Calcium Propionate Granular and LD, Calcium Propionate CrystalPro and Sodium Propionate. Visit: Visit: October 9, 2012 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 55

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Food Business News - October 9, 2012
Unilever may put Skippy brand up for sale
Fruit prices on the rise
Bio-engineering on the ballot in California
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RAND study shows rapid rise of morbid obesity
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New Kraft seeks to unlock ‘true potential'
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August Restaurant Performance Index rises
Hershey to source 100% certified cocoa by 2020
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Food Business News - October 9, 2012