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Ingredient Markets Market commentary for one-week period ended October 19, 2012 Sweeteners Softness in the sugar market continued last week while firmer values for 2013 corn sweeteners were evident as pricing was circulated by corn refiners after the release of the October U.S. Department of Agriculture Crop Production report. Trading levels for bulk refined beet sugar were said to be around 36c a lb f.o.b. Midwest and 37c f.o.b. West coast, with cane sugar at 36½c f.o.b. South and 37½c f.o.b. Northeast. Offers were mostly 1@2c above those levels. Buyers continued to indicate larger purchases made around 35c f.o.b. Midwest. Trading was slow with processors mostly uninterested in selling at the quoted levels, buyers wanting still lower prices and neither side in need of trades with large sales or purchases on the books for 2013, in most cases. Price differences between U.S. and Mexican sugar were too narrow to support imports. The U.S.D.A. said the sugar beet harvest in the four major states was 61% completed as of Oct. 14, compared with 35% a week earlier, 37% a year ago and 51% as the 200711 average. One cooperative in the Red River Valley directed growers to leave 5% of their beets un-harvested, but a decision on plow-out wasn’t made. The sugar cane harvest advanced in the Delta and Southeast. The Mexican sugar cane harvest was about to begin. The National Union of Sugarcane Growers raised its forecast of 2012-13 sugar production to 5.5 million tonnes from 5.3 million with “at least” 1.3 million tonnes available for export. Some private forecasts were higher. In corn sweeteners, major refiners issued initial list prices, kicking off 2013 contract negotiations. They had waited until after the Oct. 11 Crop Report, in which the U.S.D.A. estimated the 2012 corn crop at 10,706 million bus. Initial list prices appeared to be up at least 10% from 2012 contracted levels, although exact comparisons were difficult since individual contracts vary and volume discounts are common. A few weeks ago, ideas were pricing might rise 25%, but corn prices have eased and the crop size has stabilized since then. One analyst indicated a 10% increase from 2012 in corn sweetener prices may be sufficient to cover the higher cost of corn. Negotiations may be complicated with sharply lower sugar prices in the United States and Mexico, with delivered 55% highfructose corn syrup values near or even below sugar prices in the latter, based on initial list prices. Whether Mexican bottlers switch back to sugar or U.S. corn refiners drop prices to protect market share will be key to U.S. pricing. FBN Edible Oils Bookings of edible oils were limited last week. Price changes were irregular. Most soybean oil buyers held coverage extending about 60 days and held back in the hope prices turn lower again. Soybean oil prices advanced. After dipping at the week’s outset, soybean oil futures posted solid gains for the week. Prices opened the week softer but rallied at midweek on concerns over tight U.S. and world oilseed balance sheets. At the same time, the cash basis on soybean oil weakened, reflecting a heavy supply as confirmed in the monthly soybean crush and soybean oil stocks data issued by the National Oilseed Processors Association. The U.S.D.A. indicated the U.S. soybean harvest was 71% completed by Oct. 14 compared with 58% as the recent five-year average for the date. Soybean planting was under way in South America. NOPA pegged the U.S. September soybean crush at 119,732,000 bus, down from 124,773,000 bus in August but up from 110,313,000 bus in September 2011. NOPA estimated September soybean oil stocks at 2,042,991,000 lbs, down from 2,168,477,000 lbs in August but up from 1,931,372,000 lbs in September 2011. The U.S.D.A. indicated net export sales of U.S. soybean oil during the week ended Oct. 11 was 24,500 tonnes with Mexico and “unknown destinations” the buyers. The U.S.D.A. also indicated 17,800 tonnes of soybean oil was shipped to China during that week against an earlier sale. Heavy stocks in Malaysia and Indonesia and lackluster world demand weighed on palm oil markets. Canola oil prices were underpinned by disappointment over yields in Canada. FBN Beet and cane sugar f.o.b. plant, cents per lb Sweeteners Delivered basis, cents per lb HFCS spot price1 HFCS list price2 Regular — Change from — Year corn Oct. 19 Oct. 12 Oct. 5 ago syrup3 Dextrose 42% HFCS wet 55% HFCS wet Oct. 19 Year ago Midwest beet 36.00 @ 37.00 — -1.00 59.00 23.375 27.875 net 173/8@ 213/8 153/8@ 193/8 33.85@37.85 26.625 East Pacific beet 37.00 @ 39.00 — -1.00 59.00 Midwest 24.925 29.425 net 32.85@36.85 28.175 Midwest Cane* 37.50 @ 39.00 -.50 -2.50 59.00 Northeast 18¾@ 22¾ 16¾@ 20¾ 25.125 29.625 net *Spot raw plus 7% plus 11.7 with 2% cash discount. Southeast 187/8@ 227/8 167/8@ 207/8 35.85@39.85 28.375 West 24.625 29.125 net Southwest 18½@ 22½ 16½@ 20½ 27.875 Raw cane 25.325 29.825 net West 193/8@ 233/8 173/8@ 213/8 28.575 Delivered refiner, cents per lb 1-Variations in prices often tied to tank car versus truck deliveries. 2-Prices are the lowest available to the publication. 3-Regular 42 DE/43 Baume, f.o.b. tank cars, trucks — Change from — Contract Oct. 19 Oct. 12 Oct. 5 Nearby 23.50 -1.10 -1.25 November-December23.50 -1.10 -1.25 January-March 23.50 -1.20 -1.75 April-June 23.60 -1.25 -2.00 July-September 23.75 -1.10 -2.00 October-December 24.00 -.90 -2.25 Year ago 38.55 38.55 38.90 39.25 39.00 37.15 Chicago soybean oil futures Bulk in tank cars, cents per lb Oct. 19 — Change from — Delivery close Oct. 12 Oct. 5 December 51.58 +.91 +.39 January 51.98 +.93 +.45 March 52.43 +.89 +.45 May 52.74 +.83 +.46 July 52.95 +.76 +.47 August 53.01 +.80 +.58 Year ago 51.25 51.52 51.86 52.16 52.35 52.44 Edible oils Bulk, cents per lb — Change from — Year Oct. 19 Oct. 12 Oct. 5 ago Soybean oil, Decatur 50.25 Loose lard, Chicago 48.00 Edible tallow, Chicago 43.25 Cottonseed oil, Miss. PBSY 52.00 Palm oil, ports 41.50 Palm kernel oil, ports 45.75 Coconut oil 44.00 Peanut oil, Southeast 104.00 Corn oil, Decatur 59.00 Sunflowerseed oil, Midwest 72.50 Canola oil, Midwest 58.00 +1.25 -1.50 -.50 +1.50 — -.75 +1.00 — -1.00 -2.50 +1.25 +.25 -1.75 -.50 +.75 +.50 52.25 64.50 59.00 51.25 48.75 Spot soybean oil Decatur, Ill., bulk cents per lb 60.00 54.00 48.00 42.00 O J A Previous Year Crude soybean oil Bulk in tank cars, cents per lb Delivery Decatur, Ill. October 49.83 @50.33 November 49.83 @50.33 December 49.83 @50.33 January 50.73 @50.98 February 50.96 @51.21 March 51.18 @51.43 April 51.34 @51.59 Western points 49.08 @49.58 49.08 @49.58 49.08 @49.58 49.98 @50.48 50.21 @50.71 50.43 @50.93 50.59 @51.09 +2.00 54.75 -1.00 56.00 — -2.50 96.50 56.50 J Current Year -2.50 93.00 +1.00 56.25 70 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® October 23, 2012

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