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Ingredient Innovations Positives subtraction Consumers may respond better to protein and fiber messages in calorie W hen removing calories from a product, companies may want to promote what is still in it. “Everybody but consumers seem to be focused on calories,” said Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight for Mintel International, Chicago. “Is it time to re-think how we talk about calories?” Consumers may respond to more positive messages, such as protein and fiber content, than to low-calorie promotions, she said during a session at the SupplySide West Global Expo and Conference in Las Vegas this past month. Mintel data show the number of product introductions with fiber claims grew 30% from 2008 to 2011 while high protein claims and satiety claims rose 50% and 117%, respectively. While consumers may not initially understand satiety, they do understand what it means to manage hunger and to feel full longer, Ms. Dornblaser said. “We’re seeing companies offering more positive messages as opposed to negative messages,” she said. Adding protein and fiber may give a product more satiety benefits while removing calories from fat and sugar. Ms. Dornblaser gave an example of Healthy Choice Greek frozen yogurt from ConAgra Foods, Inc., Omaha. It has 40 grams of protein and 100 calories per serving. The product had average weekly sales of $125,000 after eight weeks on the market. On the exposition floor at SupplySide West, Ingredion, Inc., Westchester, Ill., had a tart cherry and almond prebiotic chewy bar prototype. It featured the company’s Nutraflora prebiotic soluble fiber, Globe Plus 18 DE maltodextrin, Enliten stevia sweetener and Hystar 5875 maltitol syrup. Each 35-gram serving had 120 calories, 3 grams of fiber and 3 grams of sugar. During Hi Europe in Frankfurt, Germany, in November, Beneo featured sausages with inulin, a prebiotic fiber that may replace up to 50% of fat in sausages. “Under shearing force, inulin develops particle sizes that are similar to fat,” said Joseph O’Neill, president and general manager of Beneo. “As a result, mouthfeel of fat-reduced sausages is not affected when inulin is used. Inulin also has a neutral taste and therefore does not produce an undesired off-taste.” He said up to 8 grams of inulin may be used in 100 grams of frankfurter sausage. Other potential sausage applications include pate-type items and fermented meat products such as salami-type sausages, Mr. O’Neill said. Using inulin at 6% of the total application may allow for a source of fiber claim, depending on national legislation. Ms. Dornblaser in her presentation gave another example of a possible positive message in a low-calorie product. Smaller, portion-control items may be indulgent. For example, a 0.49oz Kit Kat bar has 70 calories and 0.7-oz Il Villaggio cheese snack bites in the flavors of brie and Parmesan are 80 calories. In summarizing possible strategies to low-calorie products, Ms. Dornblaser said companies should consider that consumers may equate calorie restriction to dieting, which may be seen as a negative; should acknowledge fat and sugar reduction may be more inclusive messages; should try to emphasize the positive attributes in the product; and should work with indulgence attributes in smaller portion sizes. FBN — Jeff Gelski December 4, 2012 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 33

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Food Business News - December 4, 2012
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Food Business News - December 4, 2012