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Food Business in the News “The industry has shifted. Some of them have a chance of surviving. But it’s hard to fathom how many will be relevant going forward.” Bob Goldin, executive vice-president of Technomic, commenting on the fate of some of Hostess Brands’ products. Time Nov. 19, 2012 “My first sales call a year and a half later was to Whole Foods in the southern Pacific region. I walked in to meet the buyer and presented this chia beverage and said I would like it to go into a few stores. She said, ‘No, I want you in all of them,’ and that was that.” Janie Hoffman, also known as Momma Chia, a maker of fruit juices, discussing the current popularity of products containing chia seeds. “Consumers have shown to be willing to spend the money just in case (probiotics) work. What we all have to be careful about is to not view them as a panacea and to make sure that we don’t raise our expectations too high.” Michael Fischbach, assistant professor of bioengineering and therapeutic science at the University of California, San Francisco, commenting on the momentum of products featuring probiotics in the marketplace. The New York Times Nov. 23, 2012 The Wall Street Journal Nov. 27, 2012 “Based on my research, the American obsession with blondes in the 1950s and ’60s enhanced our response to the Twinkie. It’s not the Marilyn Monroe of cakes, more like the blonde you catch a glimpse of as she disappears around the grocery store aisle. You don’t see people responding to Ding Dongs the same way.” Steve Ettlinger, author of the book ‘Twinkie Deconstructed,’ discussing consumer perception of the snack. “That hasn’t worked. But we are not going to give up. We are going to fight this. We have got no choice.” Wayne Baker, president of the New Mexico Peanut Growers Association and a board member for Sunland Inc., discussing efforts to work with the Food and Drug Administration in getting the company running again. Bloomberg Businessweek Nov. 28, 2012 The Washington Post Nov. 25, 2012 “We didn’t know how big it was going to be. We did this as a little bit of an experiment this year, and the response has been really exciting.” Elizabeth Fulmer, associate marketing manager of Yoplait, a General Mills brand, discussing consumer response to the company’s pumpkin pie flavored yogurt. The New York Times Nov. 22, 2012 62 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® October 27, 2012 December 4, 2009

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Food Business News - December 4, 2012
Persistent ConAgra sees many Ralcorp benefits
F.D.A. suspends Sunland’s facility registration
Large potato crop pushing prices lower
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Editorial - In mourning there is a learning in demise
Researchers develop new nutrition scoring algorithm
Frozen foods remain a challenge for Heinz
Clean label confectionery products on the rise
Campbell Soup pursuing new consumers
Single-serve packs propel Green Mountain earnings
Green Mountain appoints new chief executive
Diamond Foods formally parts ways with ex-c.e.o.
Agropur to invest $100 million in cheese plant
Hormel cautiously hopeful about growth prospects
Added value at the heart of Tyson’s growth strategy
Food and beverage recalls jump 57%
Coca-Cola invests $1.3 billion in Chile
Washington - Greater organic oversight on the way
Ingredient Innovations - Positives in calorie subtraction
Stevia innovations lead to calorie reductions in beverages
Questions about calorie count for almonds, other nuts
Health and Wellness - Strengthening bones with additional nutrients
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Ingredient Market Trends - U.S.D.A. forecasts record ag exports in fiscal 2013
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Food Business News - December 4, 2012