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Health and Wellness Ingredient Innovations Digesting the additional benefits of gut health Researchers find weight management benefits from improved digestive health he science supporting the benefits of maintaining digestive health is emerging. As researchers delve deeper into the positive effects of fiber, probiotics, prebiotics and inulin, they are discovering associations with gut health, immune system health and weight management. To the average consumer, the evolution of nutrition science may seem somewhat surprising, said Phil Lempert, the chief executive officer of and The Lempert Report. Speaking at the International Dairy Foods Association's Dairy Forum in Palm Desert, Calif., this past month, Mr. Lempert noted that the food and beverage industry has not effectively communicated that nutrition science is evolving. "We have not done a good job communicating to consumers that as we learn more about T 26 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® nutrition science things might change," he said. In the case of digestive health's role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many of the changes are positive, and consumers are paying attention. In its Functional Foods Consumer Survey, published this past October, the International Food Information Council found that digestive health is a top-of-mind topic when consumers think about functional foods. Ten per cent of survey respondents said digestive health was the most common benefit associated with functional foods. Only two other answers, "provides specific nutrient/food component" (28%) and "cardiovascular health" (13%) rated higher. Unfortunately, the IFIC survey also said consumers overestimate the amount of fiber they may be getting in their daily diet. The survey painted a stark picture of how much fiber consumers believe they are consuming vs. how much they are actually consuming. Of the consumers surveyed, 67% perceived they were meeting their dietary needs for fiber while approximately 5% were actually meeting their needs for dietary fiber. IFIC reached the conclusion by comparing the answers given by survey respondents to 2010 NHANES data. Figuring out how fiber works While there is ample evidence about the benefits of fiber in digestive health, researchers are working to identify how it is metabolized by the body. Research at the University of York's Structural Biology Laboratory in the United Kingdom has begun to uncover how gut bacteria metabolize the complex dietary carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetables, for example. Microbiota plays a role in human health and is central to the human metabolism. A research team at the University of York has identified how one group of gut bacteria, known as bacteroidetes, which are anaerobic bacteria, that digest complex sugars known as xyloglucans. The xyloglucans make up to 25% of the dry weight of dietary fruit and vegetables, including lettuce, onion and tomatoes. Understanding how the bacteria digest complex carbohydrates informs studies on a range of nutritional issues, including research on prebiotics and probiotics, according to the researchers. At the university's Structural Biology Laboratory, the researchers have conducted studies into the precise functioning of specific enzymes. The work has shed further light on which organisms can and cannot digest certain fruits and vegetables, and how and why the "good bacteria" in the human gut perform in a specific fashion. "Despite our omnivorous diet, humans aren't well equipped to eat complex plant matter; for this we rely on our gut bacteria," said Gideon Davies, a professor at the University of York who led the research. "This work is helping us to understand the science of that process." The University of York's research was published on-line in the research journal Nature on Jan. 19. The increasing power of probiotics Another study underscores the potential benefits of probiotics and overall gut health in February 11, 2014

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Food Business News - February 11, 2014
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Food Business News - February 11, 2014