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Are you visiting the IFT in New Orleans? better-for-you products as well as higherend, healthier confections and snacks were represented at the show, and I think it's part of a broader trend where there's kind of a quote-unquote 'mainstreaming' of natural, better-for-you, specialty food into the grocery store, where you would not have found those items five or six years ago," said Sarah Wallace, co-founder of The Good Bean. "It's a reflection of the consumer, and American consumers are across the board aspiring toward healthier lifestyles and wanting to make better choices." Ms. Wallace said The Good Bean has benefitted from a growing interest in plantbased proteins, which continue to gain Need help in developing your savory products? Three snack makers to watch A why? yeast extracts containing high levels of naturally occurring glutamic acid and other functional amino acids. When reducing salt and fat in your recipes, Yeastock will enhance Umami and Kokumi effects in your formulations. Yeastock is presenting: Chicken Consommé Soup Cooked Chicken Breast Penne Pasta in Tomato Sauce Smoked Sausage Crème Anglaise * +1(212) 878-4428 Visit the Yeastock booth #1944 New Orleans IFT, June 2014 We look forward to seeing you there 58 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® number of natural brands marked a show debut at this year's Sweets & Snacks Expo, suggesting growing demand for candy and snack products with organic ingredients and clean labels. "We typically go to more naturally oriented shows with many more companies that are stocked in natural foods stores, so it was interesting to be at a trade show where the majority of brands and companies represented were part of mainstream grocery snack and candy set for decades now if not longer," said Sarah Wallace, co-founder of The Good Bean, which makes roasted chickpea snacks and bars. "It was interesting to see us framed within that landscape." Three Sweets & Snacks newcomers shared insights from the expo, held May 20-22 in Chicago. The Good Bean Seaweed snacks, kale chips and the like are landing shelf space in mainstream markets as conventional grocery stores recognize a benefit in offering products that push a message of positive nutrition, Ms. Wallace said. "I think conventional grocery stores are realizing that consumers are getting more educated about and want to see more better-for-you options that are not just better-for-you in the traditional sense of reducing the fat or taking out the negatives, but about the presence of positives, such as simple ingredients, natural ingredients, a level of ethical sourcing," Ms. Wallace said. "These are the kind of things that are becoming more and more important to all American consumers, not just consumers who shop at natural food stores." Launched in 2010, The Good Bean has grown to include seven varieties of roasted chickpea snacks, including smoky chili and lime, Thai coconut lemongrass, mesquite barbecue, cracked pepper, sea salt, sweet cinnamon, and chocolate. Ms. Wallace, whose resume includes Clif Bar, Kashi, Bear Naked, Think Products and PopChips, leveraged her "bar background" to develop a line of chickpea-based snack bars in three flavors: apricot coconut, fruit and seed trail mix, and chocolate berry. The bars were introduced in 2012. "I was looking to make a bar that had more protein with as few calories as possible," Ms. Wallace said. "Those were the innovation guardrails around the bar. How can we make it out of good, well-sourced food? How can we have it have high protein and fiber content? How can we make it lower in calories compared with everything we saw in the marketplace?" Additional product lines are planned, but Ms. Wallace declined to reveal details. "Beans are really interesting - a very flexible source of protein and fiber that is available in many formats," she said. "There is a lot of innovation to be had in the bean space, and we're hoping to be a part of that." Yucatillas and NoTatoes Cracking the mainstream market with a unique product may be an uphill climb, even as consumers express interest in better-for-you options, said Carlos Gonzalez, founder and chief executive officer of Sorilito Foods L.L.C., which makes Yucatillas and NoTatoes tortilla chips. "The trend toward healthier eating is growing, and consumers are demanding that, so buyers are looking for it, but part of the challenge with introducing a product that is, for lack of a better word, exotic, is that people say they want something new and different, but when you present something new and different, they say, 'Oh, I don't know about that,'" Mr. Gonzalez said. "I would assume the folks who pioneered quinoa 10 or 15 years ago had a difficult road, and now it's a buzzword; it's all the rage." The company's two tortilla chip lines are gluten-free and made with June 17, 2014

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Food Business News - June 17, 2014
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Food Business News - June 17, 2014