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Ethnic Trends Flavor mining Innovation and reinvention are the hallmarks of today's ethnic flavor trends emand for global flavors is pushing food and beverage companies to ramp up innovation efforts to capture and capitalize on the next chipotle or sriracha. Yet for every flavor success story there are quite a few D not-so successful efforts. But that has not hindered product developers. Growing demand for global flavors has sparked recent innovation at McCormick & Co., Inc., Sparks, Md., which recently said 44% of all U.S. flavor occasions involve cuisine-specific or ethnic fare. To meet the demand for ethnic fare, products launched by the company in the first half of 2014 included Hispanic seasoning blends and Indian Essentials. Beyond McCormick's core platforms, the company also has introduced new items under its Zatarain's and Thai Kitchen brands. "We are seeing global cuisines having a large influence on local cuisines as well as in home preparation, and we believe that this interest in ethnic flavors is only going to get larger," said Mervyn de Souza, Ph.D., general manager of biopharma and savory flavors for Sensient Flavors, Hoffman Estates, Ill. "The concept of think global and eat local comes to mind. People associate ethnic foods with being fresh and flavorful and bold. The way in which consumers think about ethnic foods has expanded from just Hispanic and Asian to more sophisticated cuisines like Peruvian, Middle Eastern, etc." In its recent "A look backward and forward" Culinary Trend Mapping Report, CCD Innovation, Emeryville, Calif., said Korean cuisine is "having a moment of sorts," after being outshined by the big four of Asian food, namely Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. "Korea's bold flavors, meat focus, and vegetarian-friendly offerings, along with its fondness for ferments and spicy sauces and pastes such as gochujang or red chili paste, have combined to make it a big hit with consumers in search of edgier, so-called During the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., this past March, Saffron Road launched a line of frozen entrees featuring Korean flavors. June 17, 2014 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 65

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Food Business News - June 17, 2014
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Food Business News - June 17, 2014