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are absolutely required, they are still being quite careful in their outlook. "That has a reflection on these retail reports from grocers, and in particular, the reports from branded food and beverage companies, as well. I would say that it's broad in nature. It's not only brands or private label; it's not one class of trade versus another. But it's the American consumer, and what both retailers and manufacturers like us have to do is adapt to where they are." Mr. Riordan added that food and beverage companies must give consumers a reason to consume more of a specific product. "As you look at many of the center-of-the store companies, the challenge has been sending the message as to why that product should be consumed more," he said. "When you look at the perimeter and you read about organic and gluten-free, you read natural, you read (about) G.M.O. free, there's a lot of reasons why people are given a reason to eat more of that and that's been taking off. So, my view is the promotion is just timing, and that until you innovate and come up with new products and really convince a consumer why they should consume more, it's just not going to work. Frankly, we've seen some large branded companies that potentially have fallen into that trap, where promotions just don't seem to be driving volume and it's because it's just not driving true consumption." FBN CVS launches better-for-you snack line WOONSOCKET, R.I. - Following similar announcements from Target, Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven, CVS/pharmacy joins a growing number of retailers pledging to offer healthier snacks. The drug store chain is launching in more than 7,600 locations nationwide its Gold Emblem Abound line of betterfor-you products, including snack bars, trail mixes, dried fruit, popcorn and rice chips. Each of the more than 40 items is free of artificial flavors and preservatives and contains no trans fats. Gluten-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free products are included, in addition to products that contain sources of protein, fiber, omega3s, potassium and probiotic cultures. CVS/pharmacy said its goal with the Gold Emblem Abound brand is to enable consumers to buy snacks with nutritional benefits at affordable price points. The probiotic trail mix, for example, contains raisins coated in probiotic yogurt, almonds and walnuts, dried cranberries and cherries. Products also include chia and berry snack bars, baked rice thins with sea salt, cranberry oat bran cookies, and superfruit baobab bites, made with pomegranate, raspberry, baobab and other fruit juices. Prices range from $2.19 to $10.99. In addition to the new product line, CVS/pharmacy is introducing Fit Choices, an in-store tagging program focused around four categories: heart-healthy, sugar-free, gluten-free and organic. Store items that meet nutritional guidelines will be marked on-shelf. Products with an "organic" tag, for example, contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients and include a U.S.D.A. Organic seal on the packaging. Items marked as "heart healthy" are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The initiative complements the chain's previously announced plan to stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in its stores beginning this fall. But similar moves have been made by a variety of other national retailers. In April, Target announced plans to launch its Made to Matter program, promoting products from 17 organic and sustainable brands, and Wal-Mart unveiled a partnership with Wild Oats to offer organic items. Additionally, last September, 7-Eleven launched a healthy snack section at participating stores nationwide stocked with products featuring ingredients such as dry roasted edamame, organic trail mix, vegetable chips and a variety of dried fruit and nut blends. FBN Improve your products with Bell's masking flavors. Get in touch with taste. July 15, 2014 OODBUSINESS NEWS ff. 23 w ®

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Food Business News - July 15, 2014
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Food Business News - July 15, 2014