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Editorial EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-chief Morton I. Sosland Executive editor, markets Neil N. Sosland Editor L. Joshua Sosland Executive editor Keith Nunes Senior editor, markets Jay S. Sjerven Managing editor Eric J. Schroeder KEITH NUNES Food as medicine trend gaining momentum Senior editor, markets Ron Sterk Associate editor Jeff Gelski Assistant editor, markets Laura Lloyd Internet editors Monica Watrous Maggie Young Contributing editor Donna Berry Graphic designer, market graphics, data Christina Sullivan PUBLISHING STAFF Chairman Charles S. Sosland Vice-chairman L. Joshua Sosland President and publisher Mark Sabo Associate publisher G. Michael Gude David DePaul Bruce Webster North American sales Matt O'Shea Vice-president, chief financial officer Melanie Hepperly Audience development director Don Keating Advertising manager Nora Wages Director of design services Sadowna Conarroe Circulation manager Judith Tinberg Digital systems analyst Marj Potts Manager of advertising design Becky White Director of e-Business Jon Hall Director of on-line advertising and promotions Carrie Fluegge Promotions manager Lon Davis WE'RE EAGER TO RECEIVE YOUR FEEDBACK: E-mail or write to us at Food Business News, 4800 Main Street, Suite 100, Kansas City, Mo, 64112 July 15, 2014 uch has been written of late about One product identified by Canadean as tarhow consumers are flocking to the pe- geting the brain health market is sold in the rimeter of grocery stores to buy more United Kingdom and called Brainwave. The foods that are perceived as fresh and natural. functional beverage features green tea exLost amid the focus on fresh products and the tracts, L-Theanine, and vitamins - ingredidevelopment of cleaner labels are the strides ents the company claims will keep the mind being made in nutrition science to identify healthy and reduce the chances of developing the components of foodstuffs that may have Alzheimer's or dementia later in life. medical benefits in terms of prevention and At the forefront of using food and beverages therapy. as medicine is Nestle, S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. This topic is a sensitive one, because the With the launch of its Nestle Health Science medical field is highly regulated, and any company straying into Roughly 40 million North Americans are diabetic, and the marketplace must be careful how it communicates the many companies are seeking to identify solutions to benefits of its ingredients or products it markets. Yet despite service this growing market category. the potential pitfalls, a number of exhibitors at the Institute of Food Technologists' annual b i it th i d ti i meeting and exposition, held June 21 24 i 21-24 in business unit, the company is devoting a sigNew Orleans, offered a glimpse of the innova- nificant level of resources in what Paul Bulcke tions that may push some aspects of the food the company's chief executive officer, called a and beverage industry further into the realm yet-to-be-defined market. "This is a market in the making," he said on of direct medical benefits. Blood glucose, or blood sugar, management June 9 in a meeting with financial analysts. "It is was a topic that arose in numerous conversa- a market about health; health through nutrition." Nestle has identified five platforms as focal tions at this year's I.F.T. The focus was primarily on sustained energy and weight man- points for its Health Science unit, including agement, but offering solutions to consumers aging, brain health, intensive care, pediatrics who have diabetes or pre-diabetes was of con- and gastrointestinal. "So you have these platforms, which are siderable interest. Roughly 40 million North Americans are diabetic, and many companies just a fraction of the market, but the ones we are seeking to identify solutions to service this want to focus on," Mr. Bulcke said. "We have said let's be first and pioneer a position in a growing market category. Cognitive health, most notably finding ways market in the making. It's not a clear market; to use nutrition as a tool to reduce the poten- it's not a clear category. There is a lot of dust tial for cognitive decline later in life, was also that needs to settle, but we want to be in the a point of discussion. Interest was heightened driver's seat." After three days walking the show floor in the wake of a report issued by the market research firm Canadean, London, that identified at the I.F.T. exposition it is clear other com"brain health" as the new frontier in functional panies are looking at the "food as medicine" category and seeking a strong position in this food and beverage product development. Canadean said the cognitive health market undefined market. In the short term, fresh, natural and clean currently is dominated by short-term performance boosts, but they are far from the idea label will remain a focus of product developof tackling cognitive decline. Making the jump ment. But given the amount of R.&D. capital to the prevention of diseases such as dementia being invested in developing ingredients and is going to be challenging despite the attrac- foodstuffs that have similar benefits to meditiveness of the market, according to the mar- cines, don't be surprised if that focus begins to shift in some food and beverage categories. FBN ket research firm. M FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® 9

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Food Business News - July 15, 2014
ADM betting billions on flavor category
Bumper corn, soybean crops on the way
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Food Business News - July 15, 2014