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Free Tag Reader: AMERICAN WHOLESALE REFRIGERATION CO. FOODBUSINESS NEWS August 12, 2014 NEWS, MARKETS AND ANALYSIS FOR THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRY ® Smucker strikes deal for nut snack maker ORRVILLE, OHIO - The J.M. Smucker Co. has signed an agreement to acquire Sahale Snacks, Inc., a Seattlebased maker of nut and fruit mixes. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. With net sales projected to reach approximately $50 million this year, Sahale for prodIf milk" Snacks manufactures sweet and s. savory fruit and nut snacks, chocolate ve sweetener the with such varietto alorie utriti iesdas cashews with "reduced-c with non-n s are adde red milk, pomegranate and d tener vanilla; maple-glazed flavore -label ation weeteners ucts made ve swee dients for flavo pecans combined Administrmuch utriti d ingre with walnuts, the front non-n require chipotle have cherries and apples; and and Drug ed as rers idstandard chili seasoned almonds list of ucts wouldn't manufactu umers. nt cons ew Food have spark and cons ions the curreidentity for with hat the prod n that dairy some peanutsly four lime-infused mango piecpetit ie rsy as ard ve to es. filed near Food descriptio ttractive was filed Products sfeature such ingredients controve ge the stand zero-calor unattracti deemed n's petition national DairyProducto chan de approved sweetened s Continued on Page 10 ires inclu option in Milk eration In A citize by the Inter to requ nal ago y standard. fluid milk s as an nt standard such as the Natio years ing n and change the ished the pesweetener The curre ial label publ Associatioation to spec with the ration F.D.A. products. rs to use ers Fede 2013, the Register along ent. The processo Februarythe Federal public comm direct atin he est for to be a tition ol cafrequ inues scho agency's was and conted milks in consumer flavored cies and r-calorie petitiono keep flavor to agen tempt as federal push for lowe , s. menu eterias, continue to hroughout the supermarket use any school s and 38 rs to groups foods on on menus across the processo nued on Page country, milk and ing milk it's Conti apparent a powerful lowing inspiraAllow tion for innovation are ethnic flavors, particularly the tastes of Latin America and Asia. The recent World Cup inspired all types of Brazilian cuisine, and the 2016 Olympics in Rio will keep the trend going. And the latest trends in Asian travel include culinary tours designed for gourmet enthusiasts with an appetite for eating and adventure. Curious consumers want to explore Continued on Page 40 Added Sugars 0g Much ado over added sugars F Diversifying the dairy case T Check out the latest issue of Food Business News at! Story on Page 22 Sugar's elephant in the room W hile a number of key topics were addressed at the International currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Commerce Sweetener Symposium and the U.S. in Stowe, International Vt., last week, including Trade Commission. The nutrition panel tion petiwith the charges was fi labeling, bioengineered led crops, politics and the American Sugar Coalition, March 28 by consumer trends, there membership also was an el- in which closely coincides ephant lurking in the room with that of the that clearly was American the undercurrent of the Sugar Alliance, which gathering. represents the nation's The elephant in this instance was the processors sugar beet and cane growers, antidumping and countervailing and refiners and is the organizer duty of the symposium. case against the Mexican sugar industry It's not like the elephant was totally ignored. Several speakers referred to the case, including Frank Jenkins, president of JSG Commodities, who said he expected the case to be decided in favor of U.S. sugar producers following a protracted review by the U.S. government, after which a managed agreement would be implement by both countries. Michael Scuse, U.S. Department of Agriculture undersecretary for farm and foreign agricultural services and the first speaker at the symposium, said, "The greatest area of Continued on Page 24 For Sale R FO * 325,700 SF high-finish former dry mixing & confectionery facility LE Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee SA For additional information, please contact: Sim A. Wilson III CPM®, LEED® AP First Vice President T +1 423 755 6090 * Extensive production infrastructure including steam, waste pretreatment, compressed air, power, and bulk ingredient storage * 3,000 pallet spaces, twelve (12) truck docks, and CSX rail capability * GMP and HACCP certified along with extensive third-party audits * Immediate processing capacity at a fraction of new construction pricing Jeffrey J. Counsell Co-Founder T +1 312 283 8040 * Located in high-image corporate park adjacent to I-75 and minutes from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport 74 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® March 24, 2015

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Food Business News - March 24, 2015
Inside General Mills’ new approach to innovation
Nestle pursuing nutrition-based treatment for autism
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Food Business News - March 24, 2015