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New Food Products Unilever releases 16 new frozen treats ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. - Unilever has unleashed a deluge of desserts in the frozen aisle through its Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, Magnum and Popsicle brands. Breyers will add four flavors to its Indulgences line - chocolate caramel, mint chocolate, strawberry truffle, and cappuccino - while the original line will gain a chocolate truffle and a salted caramel flavor. Breyers Blasts! will welcome a Hershey's Mini Kisses Caramel variety. Good Humor is gaining Girl Scouts Thin Mints bars and multipacks of Vanilla King Cones, Chocolate King Cones and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches. Klondike will debut a Cookie Dough Swirl frozen dessert bar and a Mint Fudge Cookie bar in its Klondike Kandy Bars line. Magnum is offering two new flavors of ice cream bars: double peanut butter and mini double chocolate. Popsicle will deliver three new ice pops, including Popsicle Tootsie Pops, Mystery Middles and Frozen-themed ice pops. FBN Alpina Foods combines coffee and yogurt MIAMI - Two morning favorites collide in Alpina Foods' new Café Selections yogurt line. The company claims its line is the first made with real coffee. "Thirty-four per cent of Americans drink coffee, higher than soda consumption," said Gustavo Badino, general manager for Alpina Foods. "Specialty coffee makes up a large percentage of this growth, which is why we decided to launch Alpina Café Selections. We are always looking to innovate in the dairy aisle. Once we found a recipe that tasted just like the consumer's favorite flavor and were able to include actual Colombian coffee, we knew we had a unique product the consumer would want and enjoy." Alpina Café' Selections come in mocha, caramel macchiato, vanilla latte and coffee. Each cup includes protein, caffeine and 120 calories. FBN Inko's quenches the thirst for healthier hydration Cheezecakes are free of dairy, gluten and soy WILLOWBROOK, ILL. - Inko's White Tea has gone organic and is releasing two new flavors: honey lemon and strawberry. O. "Converting to a non-G.M.O. and organic formula furthers our commitment to delivering white tea that's just a little better for you," said Andy Harrow, chief marketing officer of Wholesome Tea, maker of Inko's. Inko's teas are brewed from white tea leaves and feature 12 grams of sugar and 50 calories. The unsweetened varieties contain zero grams of sugar and zero calories. FBN VANCOUVER, B.C. - Daiya Foods is offering a line of dairy-free, gluten-free and soyfree Cheezecakes. The desserts will be available in New York, key lime, chocolate and strawberry varieties. e "Whether you practice ave an alternative diet or have allergy restrictions, we know elight our Cheezecakes will delight r the taste buds no matter what your lifestyle is," said Michael f mar Lynch, vice-president of marketing for Daiya. The products will be available for a suggested retail price 42 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® of $8 99 and will join Daiya's $8.99 non-dairy lineup of cream cheese style spreads, slices, blocks and shreds. FBN April 21, 2015

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Food Business News - April 21, 2015
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Food Business News - April 21, 2015