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INGREDIENTMARKETTRENDS In The Spotlight At A Glance North American cocoa bean grind Another new chapter for C.W.B. Q2 Q3 2015 120,085 125,332 122,886 112,768 126,044 131,737 Q1 2014 121,916 131,974 138,027 2013 Q4 Source: National Confectioners Association European cocoa bean grind Q1 2013 2014 Q2 2015 327,982 348,963 323,061 2012 316,676 331,514 327,866 in tonnes 292,551 310,188 307,938 agriculture," said Karl Gerrand, chief executive officer of G3 (Mr. Gerrand formerly directed Bunge's Canadian operations). "As global demand for agriproducts grows, consumers continue to demand the high-quality grain produced by our Canadian farmers. Our vision is to establish a highly efficient coast-to-coast Canadian grain enterprise that provides stronger market access for solutions for growers and delivers value to our stakeholders and the Canadian agriculture industry as a whole. We welcome the C.W.B. team and farmer equity owners, and look forward to working together to build a new and dynamic company." SALIC was launched in 2012 with a mandate of helping achieve stable food supplies and prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by "investing in and creating greenfield agricultural projects and pursuing partnerships with international and domestic agribusiness investors." SALIC has identified nine priority products for investment including wheat, barley, corn, soybeans, rice, sugar, edible oils, green fodder and red meat. Its investment in the C.W.B. with Bunge was fully in line with this mission. FBN 119,022 127,692 129,007 121,508 G 2012 353,311 339,377 342,662 337,706 3 Global Grain Group, Winnipeg, Man., a newly created joint venture between Bunge Ltd., White Plains, N.Y., and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on April 15 announced it will purchase a controlling interest in the Canadian Wheat Board. The C$250million ($203 million) investment will result in G3 acquiring a 50.1% ownership share in the C.W.B. with a 49.9% ownership interest held in trust for the benefit of Canadian farmers. The C.W.B. was established by the Canadian parliament in 1935 and for decades held a monopoly over the marketing of western Canadian wheat, durum and barley. A conservative government succeeded in ending the C.W.B. monopoly in 2012, and the C.W.B. for the first time had to compete with private grain companies for farmers' business in those crops. With the monopoly lifted, the Canadian government was intent on privatizing the C.W.B., and last week's announcement indicated its success in doing so, assuming the transaction is approved by regulatory authorities and consummated. "It is a dynamic time for Canadian in tonnes Q3 Q4 Source: European Cocoa Association Ingredient Indexes h i Cheese Pizza Commodity Trends Highest value U.S. fruit and tree nut crops Frozen Apple Pie (in 1,000) Apples Grapes Strawberries Almonds Pistachios $1,825,320 2014 $1,505,910 $1,635,600 $1,438,110 $6,464,500 $6,384,690 $4,816,860 $2,865,432 $2,609,038 $2,453,039 $6,133,369 $5,758,390 $5,661,096 $2,963,981 $3,314,996 $3,113,126 $1,960,080 $2,621,620 $2,073,374 Oranges $1,290,140 2013 2012 NA Walnuts Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture 48 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® April 21, 2015

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Food Business News - April 21, 2015
Wal-Mart eyeing improvements
Drought dilemma for California agriculture
Antibiotics under greater scrutiny
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Food Business News - April 21, 2015