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Efficiency gains drive TreeHouse earnings OAK BROOK, ILL. - A focus on margin expansion supported by efficiency that he sees TreeHouse gaining strength in the midst of a weak retail market. initiatives helped TreeHouse Foods report positive earnings for the third "... Although we posted only fractional percentage growth in revenues quarter of fiscal 2015, ended Sept. 30. this quarter our operating units are making progress in giant strides," he For the quarter, the company earned $28,441,000, equal to 66c per share said. "We have gained market share in 9 of 12 major product categories on the common stock, and an increase compared with led by pickles, baking nuts and mac and cheese. Our the same period of the previous year when quarterly center-of-store staples, excluding coffee and snacks, earnings were $19,882,000, or 48c per share. continue to rally with third-quarter profit growth of 220 Revenues for the quarter of $798,638,000 were relabasis points on a constant currency basis." tively steady compared with the previous year when The market for single-serve coffee remains chalquarterly sales totaled $795,726,000. lenging for TreeHouse Foods. Lower category pricing "Third-quarter volume/mix declined 4.3% on an orcontinues to impact results, and Dennis Riordan, chief ganic basis, driven by lower volumes in most categofinancial officer, said he expects the impact to continue ries," said Sam K. Reed, chairman, president and chief until the company laps the issues in early 2016. executive officer. "Once again, we faced a difficult comBut Mr. Reed is optimistic about the category, beparison to 2014 when we posted organic volume/mix cause as the prices of single-serve coffee brewers growth in last year's third quarter of approximately 4%. continue to come down it will allow new consumers to "We continue to be encouraged by the margin proenter the market. Sam K. Reed, chairman, president gression we are seeing in our legacy product categories. "I think that's an indication that there is a segment and chief executive officer, TreeExcluding coffee, we delivered year-over-year margin of rapidly growing economy-minded consumers," Mr. House Foods. expansion of 70 basis points, as we carry out our inReed said. "And my belief is, and as we stated over the ternal efficiency initiatives and maintain focus on our last several of these calls, that those consumers will be cost structure." new to the category and broaden the base. And that is In a conference call with securities analysts on Nov. 5, Mr. Reed added always a good proposition for private label." FBN GUM ACACIA Always GMO Free Gum Acacia, by nature, is non-GMO. ISC will be participating in the new USDA GMO-free verification and labeling program, unlike starches and other physically, enzymatically or chemically altered ingredients which can not. Be pro-active and stay in front of the non-GMO demand and reformulate your existing products with gum acacia from ISC. ISC is the leading manufacturer of Gum Acacia, our processes and efforts are dedicated solely to the production of Gum Acacia. * GMO Free * 85% Fiber * 100% Soluble * 100% Natural * Great Mouth Feel, Neutral Taste and Odor * Excellent Adhesive and Binding Properties * Clean Label * Kosher * Organic * Halal Importers Service Corporation produces a full line of Gum Acacia to suit your organic, fiber and non-GMO needs. Call us today to discuss your application. IMPORTERS SERVICE CORPORATION LEADING MANUFACTURER OF GUM ACACIA 24 FOODBUSINESS NEWS Tel: +1 732 248 1946 * Fax: +1 732 248 1949 * ® November 17, 2015

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Food Business News - November 17, 2015
Starbucks becoming a ‘food destination’
Sugar, corn sweetener court battle under way
Beverage Business News - Redesigning fruit juice
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Editorial - Climate change takes center stage in Paris
Hain earnings surge; U.S. grocery sales disappoint
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Smucker focuses on redefining the coffee experience
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Food waste reduction 2.0
TreeHouse Foods to acquire ConAgra’s Private Brands business
Efficiency gains drive TreeHouse earnings
Seneca acquires largest maraschino cherries maker
Popchips names new c.e.o.
Amazon dips foot into food delivery in L.A.
Schwan simplifying ingredient list across entire product line
Washington - Producer groups begin to take sides on T.P.P.
Ingredient Innovations - High-oleic options
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Ingredient Market Trends - U.S.D.A.’s Crop Production and WASDE reports bearish
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Food Business News - November 17, 2015