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Ingredient Innovations Egg replacer revelations he repopulation of egglaying hens is under way, and prices for eggs and egg ingredients have fallen from last summer's highs. Yet following the highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak of 2015 and a smaller breakout early this year, something lasting will remain: knowledge learned. "We believe that in 2015 there was a lot of new application work done with old ingredients," said Jon Stratford, sales and marketing manager for Natural Products, Inc., Grinnell, Iowa. "Suppliers of emulsifiers, starches, gums, proteins and other functional ingredients spent a lot of energy seeing how their ingredients could help in reducing bakers' reliance upon eggs." The U.S. Department of Agriculture in September 2015 reported the avian influenza outbreak led to the depopulation, including euthanizing birds, of 7.5 million turkeys and 42.1 million egg-layer and pullet chickens in the United States. The issue sparked research and development teams to seek suitable alternative ingredients and to whip up new cost-saving formulations for cakes, pastries and other food items. Mr. Stratford said that while soy ingredients have been used as egg replacers for decades, formulators learned more T 28 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® about spray-dried soymilk powder in 2015. "This ingredient is commonly used to make soy milk and other dairy analogs," Mr. Stratford said. "However, we now know that soy milk powder can help reduce egg whites by as much as 40% in baked products such as brownies, pancakes and some cakes. There is a real economic benefit to reducing whites even by only 25%." Innovation took place in new product categories as well. "For example, we had not done much work on cheesecakes in previous years, focusing our marketing and tech support mainly on bakeries working with batters and sweet doughs," Mr. Stratford said. "We were contacted by an industrial cheesecake manufacturer who knew his eggs supply would be tight and his prices would be high. We worked with the customer to develop a nice eggfree cheesecake formula, which is now in production. We gained a new customer and opened a new product category with that project. That is an example of how 2015 pressed us to expand our applications work into new areas, which we will now pursue further in 2016." Formulation work at Corbion Caravan centered on angel food cake. "Building on our proprietary research and development, Corbion was able to expand its Function Plus product line to include Function Plus 250W, an egg white replacer specifically designed to replace up to 30% of egg whites in angel food cakes," said Kathy Sargent, who works in sweet bakery goods for Corbion Caravan. "Function Plus Maintaining volume, structure, resilience and texture is important when reducing the use of eggs in angel food cake. CORBION CARAVAN Last year's avian influenza outbreak led to new ways of replacing eggs in such items as cheesecake and angel food cake 250W allows manufacturers to sharply reduce the amount of egg whites used in chemically leavened angel food cake formulas, while maintaining the taste and consistency. Angel food cakes prepared with Function Plus 250W will also maintain their volume, structure, resilience and texture." She added egg whites in an angel food cake play a different role than whole eggs in a sponge cake or a pastry. "It is important to have a full toolbox of ingredients to work with for delivering premium performance in a specific application," Ms. Sargent said. "Structure building continues to be important for cake applications to replace the volume, resilience and texture from the eggs while moisture retention, flavor and richness are key deliverables for Danish and bread applications." Nutrition may factor into egg replacers, especially since the new 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasizes nutrient density, she said. Ingredients that replace eggs may provide a source of protein equal to whole eggs or higher, she said. Manildra Group USA, Shawnee Mission, Kas., offers GemPro products based on wheat protein isolates. "Wheat proteins can get you the replacement needed in most applications, and in others we can help to find the right blend, with starches and other ingredients, to mimic the broad range of functionalities eggs contribute," said Brook Carson, vicepresident of product development and marketing. "We continue to study different proteins and blends to try to understand what the best solution may be in January 26, 2016

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