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CORBION CARAVAN bakery foods, bread, bakery mixes, dairy, desserts and ice cream, meals and meal centers, snacks, and confectionery. Their functionalities include dough conditioning, aeration, flavor dispersing, lubrication, releasing, thickening, thinning, stabilization, texturizing, solvating and emulsification. Palsgaard offers Palsgaard SA 6610, a non-bioengineered cake emulsifier. The benefits of using it include decreasing dosages for lower cost-in-use, increasing production capacity and automation, reducing ingredient and product waste, according to the company. Possible applications are stirred or whipped cakes as well as gluten-free or sugar-free items. While emulsifiers with palm oil may fit with the impending non-pho ban and increasing non-bioengineered awareness, sustainability may become an issue. Companies using palm oil may consider the actions of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The not-for-profit Emulsion innovation extends beverage stability C onstraints on beverage emulsion technology have centered on oil loading capacity, increased viscosity profiles and overall emulsion stability, according to TIC Gums, White Marsh, Md. In response the company is offering TICAmulsion products that provide high oil loading capacity emulsion concentrates with minimal viscosity build, which creates emulsions with excellent stability, according to TIC Gums. TICAmulsion involves an OSA (octenyl succinic anhydride) modified acacia gum, said Jigar Rathod, a food scientist for TIC Gums. It is non-bioengineered. TIC Gums in December added to the line by launching TICAmulsion 3020, which uses patented technology to improve upon the natural emulsifying capabilities of acacia gum, according to TIC Gums. High-load emulsions are used to emulsify flavors, colors and clouds and mainly are found in soft drinks and other carbonated beverages as well as juice applications, Mr. Rathod said. A smaller oil droplet is important. "Physical separation of oil and water phases is a concern for all emulsions," Mr. Rathod said. "The creaming rate or the rate at which these two phases separates depends heavily on oil droplet radius. The smaller the droplet size, the longer the shelf life of the emulsion." The high oil load capacity expands product development opportunities by enabling increased efficiencies and opportunities within beverage fortification, according to TIC Gums. An emulsifier concentrate manufacturer might be able to double the initial concentration of a nutritional oil or add multiple nutritional oils to the same emulsion concentrate. FBN group unites the palm oil industry in an effort to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil. The R.S.P.O. has developed environmental and social criteria that companies must comply with to produce certified sustainable palm oil. Mr. Robertson said palm oil, fractionated palm oil and hydrogenated palm oil may be used to produce mono and diglycerides. Corbion, through the R.S.P.O., offers palm-based emulsifiers that are certified mass balance, which involves mixing certified sustainable palm oil with conventional palm oil. DuPont manufactures the majority of its emulsifier products in Grindsted, Denmark, and DuPont Nutrition & Health sources all its palm oil from there, Ms. Rice said. Through the R.S.P.O., the emulsifiers are part of the mass balance system. FBN - Jeff Gelski Clean Living Never Tasted This Tender Ingredients from The Amazing PlumTM by Sunsweet® offer an innovative natural alternative to synthetic ingredients. Our delicious dried plums not only enhance the natural flavor and texture of protein, they're an all natural replacement for phosphates. If that isn't enough, ingredients from The Amazing Plum add moisture and help protein retain its natural color, making dried plums one little superstar of an ingredient. And all natural and all delicious means you'll have a better product, a cleaner label and a happier customer. February 9, 2016 S U N S W E E T I N G RFOOD E BDUSINESS I E NNEWST® S . C O M 33

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Food Business News - February 9, 2016
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Starbucks ‘firing on all cylinders’ in C.P.G.
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Food Business News - February 9, 2016