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Identifying the X-factor in food startups NEW YORK - "Food is the new tech" is a refrain uttered often that appears to be attracting more believers. More and more small business venture capitalists, incubators and accelerators focused on food and beverage continue to emerge. One such company is Food-X, a business accelerator that every quarter selects 10 companies to invest in and mentor through the difficult and challenging start-up ingredients custom blends innovation national distribution process. This past March, Food-X introduced its latest class of start-ups it is supporting (see story below). To be a part of the program, executives from each company relocate to New York for three months. They receive $20,000 in cash at the start of the program and a $30,000 loan on completion of the program. Each week the start-up executives meet with industry members to test, validate and Ten investments Ten food-related investments made by the business accelerator Food-X this past March. Plasma Nutrition Featuring patent-pending technology, Plasma Nutrition uses plasma to improve the solubility, absorption and bioavailability of whey protein. whole fruits and vegetables with homemade caramels and herb infusions with locally produced dairy cream. The Saucey Sauce Co. ProFormance Foods L.L.C. Snack maker ProFormance Foods L.L.C. manufactures ProTings baked crisps that feature 15 grams of protein per bag. The products are made with pea protein, flax seeds and sunflower oil. FreshSurety B.C. Williams Bakery Service BCW Food Products 1-800-527-4104 FreshSurety technology may be used to offer retail and food service operators "certified freshness" of produce and meat products. The FreshSurety system measures temperature, moisture and such metabolites as ethylene and V.O.C.s to monitor the ripeness of each carton using low-cost, disposable sensors. The Saucey Sauce Co. produces Vietnamese sauces, dressings and marinades. Varieties include spicy garlic, sweet ginger, fresh lemon and brown sugar ginger glaze. The company also offers sweet jalapeño and hot habanero ketchups. Barley + Oats Lotus Scoop Lotus Scoop ice cream combines 18 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® Barley + Oats delivers meals to new and expecting mothers in the New York area. Products include April 19, 2016

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Food Business News - April 19, 2016
Fresh, authentic a focus for Unilever
Clash over child nutrition programs may lie ahead
Dairy Business News - Dairy flavors grow ever more creative
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Editorial - Growth of organic category suggests still greater attention ahead
Monogram Foods acquires appetizer company
‘Premiumization’ opportunities abound
Preferred Popcorn picks up organic popcorn maker
Wal-Mart to transition to cage-free eggs by 2025
AdvancePierre Foods files for i.p.o.
Dr Pepper Snapple increases sports nutrition stake
Hormel Foods launches clean label effort
Identifying the X-factor in food startups
Food service operators betting big on buns
ConAgra Foods earnings reflect focus on execution
Mondelez to partner with e-commerce firm Alibaba
Modern Table planting the seeds of a trend
Market Insight - Dairy still under pressure
Company Profile - Flowers focused on improved margins
Flavor Trends - The next level for dressings, sauces and marinades
Ingredient Innovations - Fiber's global reach
Ingredient suppliers emphasize specialized fibers
Algae venture to invest in or buy food companies
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Ingredient Market Trends - Large supplies will weigh on grain and oilseeds prices into next year
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Food Business News - April 19, 2016