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that Europeans prefer natural alternatives to many artificial sweeteners. The MSI-ACI European Consumer Perceptions Survey 2015 involved more than 2,500 adults in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom in June 2015. Sensus, which has a U.S. office in Lawrenceville, N.J., manufactures Frutafit inulin and Frutalose oligofructose, which Ingredient suppliers emphasize specialized fibers F iber remains a focus for both MGP Ingredients, Inc., Atchison, Kas., and Solvaira Specialties, North Tonawanda, N.Y. Sales of specialty wheat starches gained 6% for MGP Ingredients in the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2015, which allowed overall sales in the company's Ingredients Solutions segment to inch up 0.9%. The company's Fibersym RW resistant starch acts like a prebiotic fiber and may aid in digestive health, assist in weight management and assist in managing blood glucose, according to MGP Ingredients. Its white color and smooth texture allows Fibersym RW to blend well with other ingredients. Last year Fibred-Maryland, Allied Blending & Ingredients and International Fiber Corp. joined forces as Solvaira Specialties. Each company will maintain its individual product names under the Solvaira umbrella. For example, SolkaFloc, Just Fiber and NutraFiber are powdered cellulose products available in a variety of fiber lengths. While smaller particle sizes may contribute to a smoother consistency, mouthfeel and cling in products such as sauces and salad dressings, longer fiber lengths may serve as structural and textural components in bread and other baked foods. FBN are used as sugar substitutes in such applications as dairy items, bread and bakery products, confectionery items, and beverages. Other inulin suppliers include Cargill, which offers Oliggo-Fiber branded ingredients, and Beneo, which offers Orafti inulin and oligofructose branded ingredients. Ancient grains were another focus of the HealthFocus International report, although it did not go into detail about their fiber levels. Awareness of ancient grains was at 28% in 2014, up from 26% in 2012, and 35% of people in the study said they were interested in ancient grains. The report said of quinoa, an ancient grain: "It's relatively unknown with the majority saying it's neither good nor bad, which indicates that they don't really know much about it. Given that it's relatively uncommon to the majority, it appears those that use, do so frequently. Other grains like barley get a much higher rating of 'good.'" Consumer awareness is low but growing for things like ancient grains and oat fiber, according to HealthFocus International. Industry still is waiting to see how proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts Panel might affect fiber. The Food and Drug Administration announced the proposed rule in the March 3, 2014, issue of the Federal Register, more than two years ago. The F.D.A. proposed the Daily Value for fiber based on a caloric intake of 2,000 calories be increased to 28 grams per day from 25 grams per day, which would make it more difficult for products to carry a claim of "good source of fiber" or "excellent source of fiber." FBN - Jeff Gelski Discover the benefits of chicory root fiber Less sugar and really yummy Digestive health * Prebiotic Fiber * Synergy with Probiotics * Improves Regularity, Promotes Colon Health Weight management * Sugar Reduction, Calorie Reduction * Lowers Glycemic Impact * Increased Satiety Natural origin Taste & texture * Non GMO * Safe, Secure, Supply Chain * Organic Compliant, 100% Vegetable Origin * Improves Taste * Increases Shelf Life * Masks off flavor notes of Stevia inspired by Sensus America Inc. | ph: 646 452-6143 48 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® April 19, 2016

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Food Business News - April 19, 2016
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Food Business News - April 19, 2016