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Ingredient Markets Market commentary for one-week period ended April 15, 2016 Beet and cane sugar Sweeteners 23% completed in Idaho (36% a year ago and 31% as the 2011-15 average), 12% in Cash sugar prices were adjusted last Colorado (12% last year, 11% average), 12% - Change from - Year week to reflect recent firmness in cane in Wyoming (5% last year, 2% average), 2% Apr. 15 Apr. 8 Apr. 1 ago Midwest beet 30.50 @ 31.50 -.50 -.50 35.50 sugar prices and weakness in beet sugar in Montana (3% average) and 4% in Oregon Pacific beet 37.00 @ 38.50 - - 39.00 values. Trading continued at a steady but (19% last year), the U.S.D.A. said. Cane* 33.00 @ 35.00 +.50 +.50 35.50 not brisk pace. The U.S. Department of Louisiana's sugar cane as of April 10 was *Spot raw plus 7% plus 3.65c with 2% cash discount. Agriculture slightly lowered its 2015-16 U.S. rated 65% good to excellent, 32% fair and sugar supply outlook. 3% poor to very poor, compared with 45% Raw cane The price range for bulk refined cane good to excellent, 44% fair and 11% poor to Delivered refiner, cents per lb sugar was raised to 33c to 35c a lb f.o.b. very poor a year ago, the state U.S.D.A. field - Change from - Year plant based on indications of continued office said. Contract Apr. 15 Apr. 8 Apr. 1 ago firming in cane sugar prices, although cane The U.S.D.A. in its April 12 World Nearby 27.75 - +.35 24.50 sugar continued to sell well below the Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates May-June 27.75 - +.35 24.50 highest offers of around 38c a lb. Increasing report forecast 2015-16 U.S. sugar ending July-September 27.75 +.25 +.25 24.60 inquiries for non-bioengineered cane sugar stocks at 1,619,000 short tons, raw value, October-December 26.65 +.05 -.25 24.55 along with tight supplies from some refiners down 2% from the March forecast and down January-March 25.95 -.45 -.45 24.45 appear to have moved the market higher. 10.5% from 2014-15. Sugar production was April-June 25.90 -.50 -.50 24.75 The low end of the price range for bulk forecast at 8,792,000 tons, down 35,418 refined beet sugar was lowered with the tons from March due to lower sucrose I.C.E. No. 11 raw sugar futures range now quoted at 30.5c to 31.5c a lb recovery with an 18,000-ton drop in beet cents per lb as beet sugar remained available for the sugar and a 17,000-ton drop in Florida cane 18 current year and demand for beet sugar, sugar. Imports were forecast at 3,209,000 which mostly is from bioengineered seed, tons, up 8,646 tons from March based on 16 has been somewhat weaker. The low end of a like increase in tariff-rate quota imports, 14 the range, maybe even as low as 30c a lb, to 1,595,000 tons. All use figures were would apply only to large-volume sales. unchanged, as were all 2014-15 estimates. 12 Pricing of cane sugar for 2017 also was The ending stocks-to-use ratio for 2015-16 said to have firmed, remaining about 1c to was lowered to 13.3% from 13.5% in March 10 2c a lb above 2016 levels. and compared with 14.8% last year. The A J O J Sugar beet planting as of April 10 was 2014 U.S.-Mexico suspension agreements require a minimum ratio of 13.5%. Sweeteners Volatility continued in New York raw Delivered basis, cents per lb sugar futures with the nearby world contract tumbling 15% since March 23 on HFCS spot price1 2015 prices HFCS list price2 Regular corn an expected record cane harvest in Brazil syrup3 Dextrose 42% HFCS wet 55% HFCS wet April 15 Year ago before surging 6% on Friday on a forecast 26.750 31.750 net Midwest 22⅜@ 23⅜ 18⅞@ 19⅞ East 39.00@41.00 larger global sugar deficit this year from 31.75 29.000 34.250 net Northeast 23¾@ 24¾ 20¼@ 21¼ Midwest 38.00@40.00 trade house Czarnikow. 34.00 28.500 34.000 net Southeast 23⅞@ 24⅞ 20⅜@ 21⅜ West 41.00@43.00 34.00 Corn sweetener markets were quiet with 28.000 33.500 net Southwest 23½@ 24½ 20@ 21 35.00 contracted shipments on schedule and spot 29.250 34.750 net West 24⅜@ 26⅜ 20⅞@ 22⅞ 36.25 supplies said to be adequate. FBN 1-Variations in prices often tied to tank car versus truck deliveries. 2-Prices are the lowest available to the publication. 3-Regular 42 DE/43 Baume, f.o.b. tank cars, trucks f.o.b. plant, cents per lb Delicious Honey. The 100% Pure and Natural Ingredient. Processed and packed in the newest facility in the United States. Strategically located in the Midwest allowing easy & cost-effective deliveries coast-to-coast. Amber, Light Amber, Extra Light Amber and Organic Honey available in drums, pails, totes and bulk trucks. FSSC 22000 certified and organic compliant. 888.SUGAR.99 60 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® April 19, 2016

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Food Business News - April 19, 2016
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Clash over child nutrition programs may lie ahead
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Food Business News - April 19, 2016