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Food Business in the News Nobody really knows, but the ld trade in groceries is about world $11 trillion. And the level of fraud is somewhere between 5% and 10% of that. There's a lot more money in h room and the deals are far more the sophisticated. - Jim Slama, founder and president of FamilyFarmed, - Chris Elliott, the founder of the Institute for a non-profit that organizes the Good Food Festival Global Food Security, a laboratory in Northern Ireland that that matches food startups with financing, discussing tests food from all over the world in order to uncover fraud, how the event has changed over the years. discussing the costs associated with the practice. National Public Radio April 9, 2016 April 3, 2016 Amazon will never take the whole grocery market, but they'll take the top 10% of the most profitable customers, and few retailers can afford to lose the top 10%. - Rich Tarrant, chief executive officer of MyWebGrocer, discussing the possible impact of Amazon on food retailing. Bloomberg Gadfly Minneapolis Star-Tribune April 11, 2016 Our focus over the last couple years has been around health. We're seeing purchase behavior shift toward healthier items, so we're fully committed to providing more nutritional options for customers. - David Farmer, vice-president of menu strategy and development, Chick-fil-A Business Insider April 11, 2016 From the Archive - A Decade of Insight The political debate has earned h name 'wearying saga,' among the the immigrants it prompts dread and resentment, and in industries like food manufacturing, which rely on the immigrant workforce, warring over these matters has left the industry yearning for a resolution making good y sense for the nation, for their employees and for continued business progress. - Morton Sosland, editor-in-chief, Food Business News, expressing the publication's view of the immigration debate in Congress. Food Business News 78 FOODBUSINESS NEWS ® May 16, 2006 The results show there are clear geog geographical patterns of obesity. Using this data, national and state public health institutions can better target resources and program toward combating the growing epidemic.. - Majid Ezzati, lead author of a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, that found the rate of obesity in the United States to be higher than projected. Food Business News May 16, 2006 April 19, 2016

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Food Business News - April 19, 2016
Fresh, authentic a focus for Unilever
Clash over child nutrition programs may lie ahead
Dairy Business News - Dairy flavors grow ever more creative
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Editorial - Growth of organic category suggests still greater attention ahead
Monogram Foods acquires appetizer company
‘Premiumization’ opportunities abound
Preferred Popcorn picks up organic popcorn maker
Wal-Mart to transition to cage-free eggs by 2025
AdvancePierre Foods files for i.p.o.
Dr Pepper Snapple increases sports nutrition stake
Hormel Foods launches clean label effort
Identifying the X-factor in food startups
Food service operators betting big on buns
ConAgra Foods earnings reflect focus on execution
Mondelez to partner with e-commerce firm Alibaba
Modern Table planting the seeds of a trend
Market Insight - Dairy still under pressure
Company Profile - Flowers focused on improved margins
Flavor Trends - The next level for dressings, sauces and marinades
Ingredient Innovations - Fiber's global reach
Ingredient suppliers emphasize specialized fibers
Algae venture to invest in or buy food companies
New Food Products
Ingredient Market Trends - Large supplies will weigh on grain and oilseeds prices into next year
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Food Business News - April 19, 2016